Podtacular 484: Ultimate Halo

While Hunt the Truth is in full swing grabbing all the attention of the lore nuts, the MCC is due for a major release in the coming days as Relic and ODST are scheduled to hit by the end of this month.  We’re still eagerly awaiting a release date, but hopefully something soon comes up.  In the meantime, there’s not much else going on in current game news, but communities are thriving and more seem to be popping up and growing.  One such community is Ultimate Halo headed up by Wangtim3.  We had him on our show previously when he was still doing his own stuff, but now he’s brought together a team of personalities generating YouTube content that covers a wide array of Halo topics.  We also did our own dramatic reading of the latest GrifballHub comic and go through our mailbag once again.

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One Response to Podtacular 484: Ultimate Halo

  1. Gagnon30 says:

    Great show BUT..

    How can you and your guest (Especially your guest Wangtim3) say 343 is NOT responsible for the MCC fiasco?

    Its black and white. What company said they would make the game? What company promised what the game would do? 343 did, and did NOT deliver. To the point of only getting a reasonable fix 6 months into what was a basic 12 month window before their new product Halo 5 comes out.

    It’s not an adult discussion when you say…

    “They tried their best”. This is something you say when 7 year old Billy finishes last in a race.

    How about

    “This has never been done before.” Well this is a professional product that has a budget and revenue in the millions of dollars, you better have answered “Yes we can do it” before saying you can.

    “It was Miscrosofts fault for pushing 343” So there are no things as marketing and management groups who can discuss liabilities on business decisions? Failure to hit launch date is one thing, but a poor product that will lose long time customers costs potential millions. If 343 wasn’t able to convince Microsoft to push back date or smart enough to hire more people to hit the firm date and make decent launch product THEN IT IS 343s FAULT.

    Podtacular doesn’t lose credibility saying such comments because they have been devils advocate and always open to both sides of the discussion, But Wangtim3, despite his large amount of work put into community loses credibility being to adamant in his statement saying its not 343’s fault using words which don’t say ‘this is my opinion’ but instead ‘this is the way it is’. In a few lines he went from Halo community contributor to Halo fanboy very quickly.

    Greenskull, a legend in the Halo community also mentioned recently that people don’t understand it wasn’t easy for 343 as a port isn’t cut & paste. No it isn’t, that whey when a professional company who had committed to do such and is the sole owner of this game & title commits to it… we expect it.

    Why cant some people understand that Halo MCC wasn’t a mod made by guy in their free time for kicks. It was a committed release by a professional games manufacturers that generates millions of dollars for them, much of which paid out BEFORE the game released.

    To where I would add one rather harsh yet I believe legitimate thing to comment on maybe what it boils down to in the end for 343. While I am not a firm believer in this statement, it can legitimately be thrown into the word debate that I have to sit and listen to what are 343 apologists are saying that I already commented on.

    “343 Didn’t care it was released broken.”

    What part of this do I believe? If they knew it was such a miss from target, they would have got the date pushed or warned everyone in some way.

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