Podtacular 476: Point of No Return

Our next episode of Hunt the Truth with Ben Giraud, we see desperate attempts to make sense of what the interviews have been saying about Chief’s true past, while fretting about job security for this story.  Ben’s gone from having the brunt work done for him with ONI piling on interviews for him to make a great story, to contradicting every lead given to him with his own contacts, even entertaining the audience of Mashak Maradi, the truther who has kept leaving him messages throughout this whole campaign.  On his way back to Earth after being called back by Sully, he confides in a colleague of his, Petra Janecek on what he has found before heading to ONI HQ.  We are joined by Drew Freeman from Podcast Evolved for this week’s discussion.

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  1. Rommel S says:

    It’s probably moot at this point, (just got around to listening to this podcast), but I believe the flood form you guys were looking for that controls Graveminds is called a “Key Mind”. Also, the creature in the pit in Jaba’s palace is called a Rankor.

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