Podtacular 475: Grifcon 2015

Last week, GrifballHub launched their Grifball at RTX Kickstarter.  The last two years, they’ve fundraised their booth for Grifball presence on the show floor with free swag and playable Halo.  This year, they’re looking to do the same thing with some new reward items you can only get through funding the project.  Help support the Halo community and if you’re there in Austin this August, drop by the booth and say, “Hi!”

On the news front this week, Halo: Spartan Strike is now out on Windows 8, Steam and iOS, for $5.99.  The next Halo MCC patch is due this week after passing Xbox certification and addresses ranking fixes including deployment to other playlists, new penalties and monitoring for quitting and betrayals, and updated Halo 3 Forge to include forging game type specific modes.

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