Podtacular 472: ESL Interview Special

Competitive Halo has been a cornerstone of the Halo Franchise ever since Halo: CE, getting its start with Major League Gaming and now with the Halo Championship Series.  Along with 343 Industries and Twitch, ESL is helping spearhead the efforts behind the competitive league providing the ladder structure or team seeds, the platform for online and LAN tournaments and professional broadcasting setups for premiere events in the league.  We had the privilege to talk about HCS Season One with Timo Karamustafa, Project Manager on Halo and Joshua Gray, Creative Producer at ESL.  Season One was a huge success and learning about the hard work and effort behind putting such a league together is something that should appeal to those competitive taste buds.  Come join us as Timo and Josh walk through the challenges of the first season, feedback from the community, and what’s to look forward to with HCS Season Two!

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