Podtacular 469: Two Sides to the Same Story

Last week, we dove into the beginning of Hunt the Truth, a journey into the life of the infamous Master Chief from the investigative reports of Benjamin Giraud, a ONI war photographer and journalist, but that wasn’t the only thing. If you caught the season finale of The Walking Dead, you would have seen two videos of Master Chief and Agent Locke staring at each other in the face of death.  Do we hail the traitorous hero, or question the cost of Chief’s efforts to save humanity?  We focus on this with an open mic call having the community participate in our conversation and give their thoughts and question on the two videos and what they mean.  Join us and our fellow Podtacularians as we hunt for the truth.

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One Response to Podtacular 469: Two Sides to the Same Story

  1. Samba XVI says:

    I do think both videos is the truth, it just depends on your point of view. Alot of people assume that Lock and ONI are evil, but they are probably doing what they think is the best thing for humanity. If John goes AWOL and maybe trying to find Halsey then why wouldn’t they think he might gone bad. I think Lock, ONI, Halsey and John will all be in the right and wrong depending on your point of view, there are no bad guys, just humans and humans aren’t perfect. Halo will be less black and white and alot more “grey”. I think 343 airing these commercials with The Walking Dead says alot, take Rick for example, he is a good guy but if you didn’t know him and didn’t know his backstory then he would probably come off as a bad guy. I think the same thing could happen to John in Halo 5

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