Podtacular 445: First

IGN is giving us the full treatment of Halo news this month as part of their IGN First and we got a feast of a meal to chew on this week.  Starting things off, we were told that Warlord would be the sixth and final map remade for Halo 2 Anniversary.  We also got another look at the Halo Channel, which will be available alongside The Master Chief Collection release and an overview of the major changes taking place to each game.  The launch multiplayer playlists were also announced as well as every achievement under the sun that includes 4000 gamerscore across 403 achievements.  This is a packed week of info, so buckle up Spartan!

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  1. Gagnon 30 says:

    Great show as usual but want to make a comment on mentioning Frankie loves swat and he’s not really competitive. I too love swat and I’m the furthest thing from being a competitive player. One of the biggest reasons I love and prefer swat (and not being very good at Halo) is the lack of radar. While it prevents me from seeing more my enemies, I take the approach that I can sneak up on some people and maybe surprise them. Because the way I play as soon as they see where I am I’m done like dinner!

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