Podtacular 431: Bringing Old School to New School

Many questions have risen since the announcement of the Master Chief Collection at E3 and in last week’s Halo Bulletin, and Bravo does his best to answer as many as possible.  There still remains questions to be answered and we’ll undoubtedly find out more when they head to RTX.  According to the latest Halo Bulletin, 343 will have a booth and panel at RTX, Halo 2 playable on original Xboxes in CRT TVs where you can play against pros and a campaign demo presentation you can line up to watch.  We will also be there so make sure you come by and say, “Hi!” Escalation, Issue 7 is out and a new novel has been announced.  Halo: Broken Circle covers the Great Schism and will release a week before the Master Chief Collection.  Our thread of the week is the Halo 5 Beta topic started by forum member PTBRULES.  Special thanks to Biowolf for joining us for the show this week.

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