Podtacular 430: Locke and Load

During the Xbox Media Briefing at E3, we got a glimpse into the future of Halo and Master Chief’s story with the introduction of Agent Locke, the mysterious ONI Spartan revealed during the Halo 5: Guardians announcement. Many questions have arisen as to his role among the new Master Chief journey we will dive into, and we’re here to discuss what the future holds. The Arbiter’s dialogue during the teaser also brings some questions to bear along with the loose ends left open by Halo 4 and other pieces of the Halo universe. Joining us on this journey this week is Greenskull and Nak3d Eli, both of whom were at E3 as well.

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5 Responses to Podtacular 430: Locke and Load

  1. Netdestroyer says:

    Ok, The Journy is…Cortona has joined with Forerunner technology and is more powerful than ever and cheif’s new jorney and mission is to put her down. He does not want to and goes into hiding and that is why Locke is sent after him to bring them both back.

  2. GLewis says:

    In this video Frankie confirms both original and updates cutscenes will make it for halo 2:

  3. Chuck the Bean says:

    He’s called Agent Locke. So far in the Halo Universe, we’ve never heard the term “Agent”. I think he’s from ONI and not UNSC. building a UNSC vs ONI confrontation. just a though…

  4. Bullfrog says:

    So many threads to bring together, and probably only two more titles to do it. My theory:
    John-117 is driven to do something by the enhancements given by the Librarian. This may include finding the Janus Key / recovering Halsey. The complete Janus Key allows John to find all forerunner tech in the galaxy (universe?). This would allow him to track Mendicant Bias, the Didact (who may be composed / re-created). It may be that whatever the Librarian is a pre-requisite for accessing some of the better forerunner stuff (you are only allowed to access this stuff once you’ve achieved this level of evolution) – you can see where it is, but actually touching it . . .
    ONI sends Locke on a recovery mission – get back the one person who can access all the toys. From Halo Escalation, I’d have to suspect that the Flood will come back as a threat (although may not fully manifest until the end of Halo 5, nicely setting up Halo 6). I suspect that the Flood as a forcing event will drive Locke and John-117 down the same path (which may have been different from the path that either of them started). A Halo 2 type event (where the Arbiter and John are fighting against a common foe, even if they still think they are enemies).
    How and where the Infinity, Palmer, and Thorne fit into the picture is another matter – I can see them being dragged in as secondary characters (probably chasing the SOF, discovering the flood problem as well), which then becomes a major conclusion in Halo 6.
    I would see Halo 5 a lot like Halo 2, in that the storyline will have a reasonable conclusion (we stop a major bad thing happening), but the overall story arc (such as the flood’s return) is not resolved, and that Halo 6 will be set up to do that (which is very much like Halo 2 / 3).

  5. I Think they are looking for Master Chief, To help him. And the Artberter is leting Commander Locke know “Chief” is no push-over, and don’t mis-judge the “Master Chief”!…/ To All The Nay-Sayer & Haters. Listen-up-Good, Before Call of Duty, Before Modern Warfare, There was “HALO”… / Have You All ‘Notice’, Most Games are Going Future Si-Fi, I wonder why? / I’m Sorry Nobody does “Future-Si-Fi like HALO!. Look-At-It Now!.. Respectfully Submitted : D9X / HALO Fan from Day-One!…

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