Podtacular 417: Spring Cleaning

This podcast is a little late, due to some IRL things going on with the hosts, but we had a truck load of information roll on down last week. Ridley Scott will be working on a Halo Digital Feature that is separate from the Halo TV show, but to which many are speculating about the possibility of a Halo movie. Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Now will be coming to Windows Phone 8.1. The multiplayer service that offered the server browser for Halo: PC will be shutting down May 31, 2014. Finally, all your matchmaking updates are in this week’s Halo Bulletin.

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4 Responses to Podtacular 417: Spring Cleaning

  1. Rommel S says:

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I have a windows phone and if/when the forums get up and running I’ll let you know how Cortona is.
    Now for the rest of my thoughts.
    1: There are many multiple Lumia models made by Nokia Brent. So if Cortona “was” only going to be available to the Lumia, it wouldn’t of been just one phone.
    2: I’ve seen the Instagram app in the windows app store. (I’ve never bothered to download it cause I don’t get into the whole social networking thing)
    3: Its the movie “Aliens” and not “Alien” that Bungie copied A LOT of ideas from. Like you mentioned Brent, the idea for the flood not doubt came from Alien, and Aliens, but the radar came from Aliens. In addition to that there’s the pelican, cryo-sleep and the tubes in Aliens. I’d say the halo assault rifle is a blend between the colonial marine assault rifle, in Aliens, and the assault rifle from the movie Starship Troopers. Heck, the movie Aliens even has a colonial marine Sgt. that acts and looks so much like Sgt. Johnson, (he even smokes and chews on cigars), from halo that I’d have to believe that’s where bungie got the character from.
    4: One last thing. I already mentioned above the similarities of the assault rifle in the movie Starship Troopers and halo. (I want to add the movie could and should of been so much better than it was). But for anyone that has read the book Starship Troopers, one could say bungie also got the idea of Mjolnir from the powered armor suits worn by the Marines in the book.

  2. Brent says:

    I just wanted to let Rommel S know that while his incredible knowledge of sci-fi far surpasses my own, Cortana is spelled “C-O-R-T-A-N-A”.

    jk xD

  3. Rommel S says:

    Haha. You got me there Brent. Sometimes these thumbs have a mind of there own. (Just for the record, I do know the right way to spell Cortana.)
    I shall hand write it 100 times for my insolence.

  4. Juliane White says:

    Hello Mr. Frank O’connor
    My son Kamrin has a major school project that requires him to interview an expert in any field of his choosing. When Kamrin came home from school, I was not at all surprised that the expert he chose is you, Frank O’connor and the topic is the Halo fantasy universe. Kamrin is all about video games. But it can’t be just any video game! The game and storyline has to challenge him and sustain his attention. He could easily master a typical video game within a day or two. But, Kamrin would be the first to admit that Halo is not your typical game and fantasy story. Most days, he can be found with a host of online friends pushing his skills to the limit as he makes his way through the Halo universe. Kamrin’s experience playing Halo and other games has given him the opportunity to participate in beta testing of new games. Kamrin is 14 years old and has a drive, a desire to build his career within the gaming, graphic arts and fantasy writing industry. With that said, would you have time to give Kamrin a few minutes of your time for a brief interview? Kamrin and I would be honored. If by chance you are not available, we would greatly appreciate you referring us to someone who would be knowledgeable in the subject.
    Juliane White
    Mother of Kamrin Miller,

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