Podtacular 410: Toy Affair

It just so happens that the rumor mill never sleeps and is never without its crazy side. We mentioned on our last show how Steve Downes confirmed the existence of Halo 2 Anniversary, or so we thought. Since then, IGN has reached out and received some clarification that Downes was simply making a statement based on what people have rumored on the internet, but that’s not all there is to it. We made a post about IGN’s findings yesterday and encourage everyone to go out and develop your own opinion, but we voice ours during the show. In other news, the New York Toy Fair started this week and we have seen some pretty cool things that any Halo fan will want to get their hands on. We’ve just seen our first glances at McFarlane figures, Mega Bloks sets, and other swag goodness.

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