Podtacular 397: Halo BOO

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Halo has never quite had the in-game pizzazz of a holiday quite like Haloween, but this week presented one fine treat that everyone got to enjoy for a couple of days called “Smashing Punkins”. The special oddball playlist available from October 30-31 featured a unique orange ball-holding punkin and dark green hammer-wielding smashers. We got to play some of this for Wacky Wednesday this week and it was undoubtedly crazy. Aside from the spirited festivities, Halo: Spartan Assault was announced for the Xbox platform earlier this week. You can also check up on some of Halo Waypoint’s favorite community pumpkin carvings, one of which made this week’s album art. More information about all this and upcoming matchmaking updates can be found in this week’s special edition of the Halo Booletin. Enjoy

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2 Responses to Podtacular 397: Halo BOO

  1. Gagnon 30 says:

    I love Ricochet and really, dotn find much worng with Halo 4.. it suitds my niche. However, I couldnt agree with you more on Shotgun Ricochet, I liked it in theory but it played poorly.. or better put was too different form the varient of Ricochet i love.

    I do like trying new gametypes, dont get me wrong. But this one for me, fell flat! (And YES, I voted for it!)

  2. fuchsdh says:

    Shotgun Ricochet is plenty fun, but I can completely see complaints that Legendary Ricochet, as “classic” Halo settings, should be a slot option over a more mini game/fringe type. The other issue is that the maps were built and designed for regular Ricochet–Shotguns are really only effective on maybe two of the maps, and woefully useless on most of the playspaces on the large ones.

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