Podtacular 396: Glasslands Discussion

We’re back again at taking a look at the Halo Universe as offered this time by the Kilo-Five trilogy. The first book written by Karen Traviss, Glasslands picks up right where Ghosts of Onyx leaves us with Dr. Halsey, Chief Mendez and the Spartans that entered the Onyx shield world. While they explore the dynamic world of the Forerunner remnants, the relationships between Humans and Sangheili remain complex and convoluted with the establishment of peace between Lord Hood and the Arbiter and the armament of Sangheili clans by ONI. We are introduced to the Kilo-Five team lead by Captain Serin Osman and manned by a mixture of ODSTs, Spartan Naomi, and Professor Phillips. Join us as we take a look of the effects of the Halo events that took place in Halo 3 and the ongoing struggle of the UNSC and Covenant. We of course take a look a this week’s Halo Bulletin as well introducing Neutral Flag and the results of the Ricochet Forge Contest. We were lucky enough to have some of the best Halo community members on the fiction from Forward Unto Dawn, FinalPOSTMORTEM and DynamicDave along with Laird and TDSpiral. Enjoy

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  1. Gagnon 30 says:

    Good listen, happy to hear a podcast deal with the Kilo 5 series. Im wondering (and perhaps stretching a bit) if the Innies and the escalating Sanghelli civil war will be seen in the next couple of Halo game releases to tie the universe together . The latter seems a slam dunk, especially with how Spartan Ops ended.

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