Podtacular 384: Cryptum Discussion

We take a step into the Halo Universe outside the boundaries of the game and explore the first book in the Forerunner trilogy: Cryptum. Authored by Greg Bear, Cryptum dives into the history of the Forerunners, one specifically named Bornstellar. We follow his journey starting from Erde-Tyrene meeting Chakras and Riser, to meeting the Didact, a legendary warrior. Bornstellar’s journey with Chakras, Riser and Didact reveal many mysteries behind the Human/Forerunner war including the disturbing revelations of the Precursors and the Halo rings. This podcast is full of spoilers so if you have not read the book, we urge you to not listen to the podcast after the Halo Bulletin update. For this episode, we are joined by Eric Neustadter (e), Operations Manager for Xbox Live and co-host of Major Nelson Radio, Nevin Douglas (CruelLEGACEY), creator and producer of Playtime Show and co-host of the Waypoint Community Modcast, and Bryan Newman, Owner of B2 Films and HBO community member. Enjoy

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3 Responses to Podtacular 384: Cryptum Discussion

  1. metalhead593 says:

    Bryan, hyper death was the setting on the laser that Zap used to cut the ribbon.

  2. AJ says:

    This is the absolute worst and utterly incorrect podcast I’ve ever heard out of podtac & I’ve been listening for 4 years. If your gonna do a podcast on Cryptum maybe get someone on the show that seriously knows the book & timeline. Hate to leave hate mail but have never been so peeved by one of your podcasts

  3. Dust Storm says:

    Thanks for the feedback. What did you hear that you find incorrect?

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