Podtacular 383: Mann vs. Demon

This week continues a line of Halo news that just keeps rolling in. Halo: Spartan Assault is now available on the Windows 8 App store following the career of Sarah Palmer as a Spartan IV. The Halo 4 Championship Bundle is also being showcased at the Xbox One lounge at San Diego Comic Con in a couple of tournaments throughout the weekend detailed in this week’s Halo Bulletin. In light of Halo being at SDCC, a seven page preview of the Halo Initiation comic from Dark Horse Comics is also available for your reading pleasure. Finally, the topping on this podcast this week is a visit from our affiliates Kritzkast. Both Agro and Ruckeydoo join us to tell us what TF2 is and to show off their knowledge (or lack thereof) of Halo. Enjoy

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2 Responses to Podtacular 383: Mann vs. Demon

  1. Cardo 8 ATL says:

    The video your guest was trying to recall early in the podcast was called “Tower to Tower”. It was finally pulled off almost a decade after release. It was all about trying to launch a warthog from one tower to the other on the level Halo in H:CE.

  2. Cardo 8 ATL says:

    **launching Chief, not a warthog.

    I just watched it again and it’s still dang impressive.

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