Podtacular 366: Arena Gaming League

Arena Gaming League has made long strides since its inception back in November 2011 and now it’s the premiere league for competitive Halo. We have the privilege of having AGL founder Brad Weir and AGL Wired founder Connor White to talk about how AGL was founded and upcoming AGL events. We talk about AGL Knoxville, the upcoming conference-style AGL Wired and changes coming to AGL and its tournaments. Enjoy

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3 Responses to Podtacular 366: Arena Gaming League

  1. Dave says:

    Hopefully AGL gets bigger, really enjoyed the last event in Nashville.

  2. Cruxis says:

    I liked what I’ve heard about AGL so far. Following them since last year and they’ve come a long way and as a supporter of Halo and especially here in Southern California where the support here are minimal, I hope to see to participate my first AGL since my New Years resolution was to make to one major Halo event. Very good podcast to listen in.

  3. Daft sucks says:

    InB4 Daft says their assholes for no reason even though he never met them

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