Podtacular 364: Scrapped

New studios always face challenges when developing their first game and 343 Industries isn’t without its own set of flaws. They were given the reigns of a triple-A game and were running full steam ahead to produce the next big hit in the franchise. Every studio has its ups and downs during game development and it certainly shows from time to time. Halo 4 is a game many people had high hopes for, being the successor to the smash hit Halo 3. The return of the Master Chief and the re-imagination of Halo 4’s multiplayer had people on the edge of their seats waiting to get their hands on it come November last year. For a while, people loved the game, but then that appreciation slowly started to dwindle as frustrations with lack of information in the campaign was realized, core functionality of War Games was recognized missing, and many other aspects of the game exposed. Gamasutra recently sat down with Josh Holmes, Kiki Wolfkill, and Frank O’Connor discussing the story behind developing Halo 4 and some of the quotes sent the Halo community rioting on social media. We take this show to talk about our thoughts on what said in the article and hope that you’ll read it for yourself and make your own determinations and opinions. Finally, support the future of the franchise by posting constructive criticisms on the Waypoint Forums.

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2 Responses to Podtacular 364: Scrapped

  1. Brent says:

    Correction: The former Halo 4 Creative Director is named Ryan Payton, not Patton.

  2. Dave says:

    Part of the blame can be put on Microsoft, but that doesn’t give 343i a excuse for giving us their terrible take on Halo, 343i had 3+years to develop a good Halo and they used an existing game engine with some modifications and they gave us this. I also cant stand how 343i seem to think any bad criticism or negative reaction towards Halo 4 comes from the “vocal and hardcore competitive player” as said by Holmes and ellis many times on twitter, there are many Halo fans of all kinds (casuals, hardcore, competitive, etc) who are upset with this game not just “pro”/competitive players.

    Also you should check this out: http://www.openletterto343.com/

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