Podtacular 363: Save One Bullet

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343 Industries continues to tune weapons for future online experiences. More details behind their progress is available in this week’s Halo Bulletin. Before diving into the bulletin, we talk about the recently announced reveal of next generation of Xbox entertainment. Also in the bulletin is another set of Campaign Easter Egg hints along with join-in progress updates. Enjoy

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  1. Halo Jumper 3 says:

    Something else that has a factor with the Halo population is that over here in the UK, those of us that have up and coming exams won’t be playing at the moment. So there is a significant chunk of the UK’s Halo population that will be sitting exams over the next month or two.

    Personally I’d be playing all the time if I could at the moment, so the Halo population at the moment could be a little circumstantial in some cases.

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