Podtacular 348: Monolithic Skyfall

Next week features the release of the second Halo 4 DLC Map Pack featuring three brand new multiplayer spaces: Skyline, Monolith and Landfall. These maps are of the smaller variety catering more to FFA and 4v4 gameplay. You’ll see a lot of Slayer, CTF, KOTH and Regicide on these maps with a few extras thrown in here and there. Ten achievements accompany this map pack as well for a total of 250 Gamerscore. If you have the War Games pass or have bought the limited edition, these maps are free to you, but 800M$ for everyone else. Enjoy

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2 Responses to Podtacular 348: Monolithic Skyfall

  1. Rommel S says:

    I’d like to see more BTB maps as well. I’d be happy if 343 just picked maps from previous halo games and put them in the playlist.

  2. s4nd says:

    Just for reference, they never said the Pit had anything in common with Landfall other than the playable area space. In a review of the maps on an IGN walkthrough, Kynan Pearson said something to the effect of, “…it’s similar in size to the Pit, I guess. Other than that it shares absolutely nothing in common with Landfall. I don’t want people taking that away from this; the maps are completely different.”

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