Podtacular 342: Bulletin Update

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This week’s bulletin highlights the world of Grifball with an interview of Burnie Burns from RoosterTeeth, talking about the history of the gametype. There is the weekly playlist update as well as short behind-the-scenes look on how 343i decided to progress the Spartan Ops story after the first five episodes. The in-game File Browser is also fully functional. Again, we dip into our mailbag and read your submissions. Enjoy

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14 Responses to Podtacular 342: Bulletin Update

  1. t1meflip says:

    I’m certainly glad to hear that you have asked Daft to step down, Dustin. Having said that, I will not be listening to the episodes in which he is still featured. It is so very painful to hear the ignorant utterances of a high-school child who believes the world is black-and-white. Podtacular is supposed to represent an escape from this sort of thing, not its embodiment.

  2. DaftLink I17 says:

    Well t1, could you elaborate on that?

  3. t1meflip says:

    I’m not entirely sure what you want me to say, Daft, but I will attempt to explain.

    I am a graduate student, working towards a PhD in my field. Over the course of my studies, after having read through mountains of the relevant literature, I have become a postmodernist (I’m assuming you will interpret this as “oh, he’s been brainwashed by the liberal establishment”, or something to that effect).

    While this isn’t exactly the forum for explaining what postmodern thought is all about (though it’s impossible to really explain what it’s about in any forum), there is one fundamental aspect that is particularly relevant here. That is, that our world is (socially) constructed into binary categories. These divisions (male-female, white-other, straight-gay, conservative-liberal, rational-emotional, etc) are not only wholly arbitrary, but they also serve to subordinate one category (e.g. female or gay) at the expense of its ‘opposite’ (e.g. male or straight).

    What is most problematic about these binary oppositions is that they in no way conform to reality. How does one demarcate, for example, ‘male’ from ‘female’? Genitals? What about those born with both ‘male’ and ‘female’ genitals? What about those who genuinely believe they are ‘females’ when they have a penis? In short, reality does not conform to this socially constructed manner of viewing the world.

    Accordingly, I’m sure you can imagine how painful it must be for me to listen to your often-nonsensical digressions on the podcast. You view the world in precisely these terms – everything is either wholly good or wholly bad. What’s worse is that you are so utterly confident in your views, and so completely incapable of keeping them out of a halo podcast.

    If you want to continue believing that Michael Savage is a genius, that Obama is destroying your country, and that it’s okay to use terms like “gay” and “retarded” as pejoratives, then that’s fine. I have no problem with ignorance. But I do have a problem with ignorance masked as knowledge. But even that I can deal with, because it is an unavoidable fact of life. As soon as this permeates into something that I enjoy in my spare time , though, that’s where I draw the line.

    I have no problem with you personally. Indeed, I don’t know you at all. I just don’t want you on this podcast. At least until you grow up and realize that the world is composed of shades of gray.

    I hope my way-too-verbose explanation makes some sense. I am on the tail-end of a very long day, so I apologize if I didn’t come off very clearly.

  4. Robowski says:

    Great episode. Thanks for the shout out. I think Doody’s email was a good thing.


    p.s. I would still like to have a bad 80’s rap battle!!!

  5. Dust Storm says:

    Thanks Robowski. Doody’s email was more of a wake-up call to me, so it definitely was a good thing.

    Let me warm up my non-existent rap battle skillz.

  6. DaftLink I17 says:

    Ok, t1, it seems your beef with me is mainly political.

    I haven’t been political on the podcast in a long time.

    I can understand your frustration for older episodes, but it seems irrelevant at this point to stay angry for the past when I’ve stayed on the topic of Halo pretty well in recent times.

    Do you have anything to say about my Halo opinions?

  7. MetalxMassacre says:

    “t1meflip says:
    February 2, 2013 at 2:08 AM
    I’m certainly glad to hear that you have asked Daft to step down, Dustin. Having said that, I will not be listening to the episodes in which he is still featured. It is so very painful to hear the ignorant utterances of a high-school child who believes the world is black-and-white. Podtacular is supposed to represent an escape from this sort of thing, not its embodiment.”

    I also do not listen when Daft is on the show. It is very painful to listen to.

  8. DaftLink I17 says:

    Metal, could you care to explain why?

  9. Doody Bound says:

    Daft, let me explain in as simple terms as I can. You annoy people. You join parties and start talking about things that people aren’t really interested in. I appreciate you apology on the podcast when you finally said you weren’t going to bring up politics any more. I know it interests you, but this podcast wasnt the place for it. The thing most people say about you when I talk to them is the way in which you engage others when you disagree with them. You talk down and belittle them. This also comes through in the podcast. I have ABSOLUTLY NO PROBLEM with your grievances with Halo 4. I agree with a lot of them, but not all. It’s the way you present your irritation when on the microphone. You make it sound like 343 is run by stupid people and that you could have made the game better yourself. And honestly, the real reason why people don’t like you is because you say things like this:


    My thoughts are that you emulate Michael Savage to the point where you now talk like him. I listen to him as well, but I know when he says something that might be true, but should NOT be expressed the same way he does it. Calling people “you nothing” that long ago should have been enough for Dustin to question your judgment with your interaction with the people who listen to Podtacular. I don’t hate you, or think you a bad person, I just don’t think that your attitude and persona are dignified or respectful enough to earn the privilege to be a co host. And unfortunately for you, I believe that you have pissed off enough people too many time for that stigma you have to ever go away. I hope you can take something away from what has happened recently, and why some people are so outraged by your behavior, and change it into something that won’t make people dislike you.

  10. DaftLink I17 says:

    Alright, fair enough.

    You’re right I tend to annoy and belittle. I am sorry for this. I should work on not being arrogant.

    As for 343i, if they were simply rushed by Microsoft for the November release date, I sympathize with that and am glad to see them actively improving Halo 4. The past couple Spartan Ops have been awesome and I’m very much looking forward to the Title Update later this month. I simply hope 343i is not full of developers more fond of other games, like Call of Duty, to the point where it feels like I’m playing that and not Halo.

    You’re right. I do tend to emulate Michael Savage quite a bit. I guess I find him to be on target with most of what he says and I genuinely agree with him on the vast majority of issues. Though I do not aim to bring this into the podcast and have not lately. It’s more for personal discussion and forums. I shouldn’t be so obsessed with Savage and I won’t.

    Thanks for the constructive feedback.

  11. Doody Bound says:

    PS. Go play COD…the gameplay is COMPLETELY different then Halo 4.

  12. Halo Jumper 3 says:

    Daft I’m sorry that people seem to have a beef with you and generally on a political front. It may help that I share very similar political opinions but other than that I did enjoy the views that you put forward about 343 and Halo as they were quite interesting and often insightful.

    You haven’t really put a political view forward in a while so I know you worked on that front so most of what people have against you is usually a gripe from a while back. I think that (and I am guilty of this too) you can sound arrogant. I emphasise ‘sound’ because I know that the appearance of arrogance and actual arrogance are two different things. It is more to do with the way a point is put across. You are a good guy and you do have fans but the best way forward would be to work on discussion skills. I have had to do much the same because I have a lot of conviction in my beliefs too so I know the feeling.

    It’s just one of those things to work on. Personally since I am an aspie social situations are often a mystery to me and I’m not quite sure why someone is insulted by the things I have said but I have worked on it and I’m a lot better now. It’s just really about practice.

    So I wish you all the best and I hope that at some point in the future you will be co-host again.

  13. t1meflip says:

    “Ok, t1, it seems your beef with me is mainly political.”

    You see, daft, this is precisely what I am talking about.

    While I must accept some responsibility for having not adequately conveyed my thoughts, your response (or lack thereof) illustrates my point. I took the time to present a nuanced and thoughtful justification for my initial comment, which you interpreted as ‘he has a political beef with me’. No. I am not an American, and I am surely not one to tell someone that their political views are valid or not. My problem is, as I have already said, that you see the world as a series of binaries. It’s all black-and-white for you. There’s no complexity, no room for nuance, alternative points of view, or anything of the sort. Nope, my objections are merely political, right?

    Until you are willing and able to grasp that the world is not so easily understood, I will refuse to listen to any episodes of this podcast on which you are featured.

    Your opinions on Halo are considerably less problematic, but the manner with which you convey your thoughts evokes within me the same feelings.

    Having said that, you don’t offer any particularly valuable insights that the average Halo player couldn’t have offered. What’s worse is that you don’t seem to appreciate the fact that you were offered this privilege. You often seem to be ‘somewhere else’ while the podcast is being recorded, disappearing for extended periods of time (according to Dustin, you apparently play games while recording – that’s not very professional) only to abruptly re-insert yourself into the conversation when you have become bored with whatever else you were doing.

    In other words, even if my more fundamental problems with your personality were overlooked, you would still fail to add any value to the podcast. There are many people (myself included) who would love to have the opportunity to appear on the show, and forcing these people to listen to the views of someone who clearly does not want to be there (or, alternatively, has an enormous sense of entitlement) is downright cruel.

    I hope I have not offended you in any way. But, as I see it, you are an unnecessary distraction from what is otherwise a wonderful podcast, and a great community. Once you grow up, I would be glad to see you return to the fold. Until then, however, I will continue to seek my Halo fix elsewhere for as long as you are involved.

  14. DaftLink I17 says:

    @Doody, I’d say things like instant respawn, ordnance drops, scoring style and the general fast pace of Halo 4 make it feel pretty similar to CoD. I’m not saying it’s EXACTLY the same.

    @Halo Jumper, Thanks for the feedback!

    @t1, I meant that your dislike of me seems to stem from the fact that I get so political in a non-political environment, NOT that you have an issue with my personal political affiliation.
    Fair enough though, I did get distracted and lazy quite often. You’re not wrong. Though on Halo opinions, I feel I offered a fresh, differing view on Halo 4 than Dusty who was more comfortable for it. Though I do need to refine my presentation. Thanks for the feedback.

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