Podtacular 335: Halo 4 Spoilercast

Halo 4 debuts the return of Master Chief in the new Reclaimer trilogy and the first encounter with the Forerunners: the builders of the Halos. As the Chief, you are pitted against the Covenant once more until you awaken an ancient evil, the Didact. You are able to stop the Didact before he composes every human on Earth, but at a significant cost. Skin deep, this is a classic Halo game where you encounter a new enemy part way through the game and defeat it in the end, but at a closer examination, there are deep complex plot lines that are building and shifting. Is Cortana really dead? Which Didact are we fighting against in Halo 4? What happened between the Covenant and humans? Prepare yourself for a deep dive into the fiction of Halo 4 and attempt to unravel the mysteries of the Forerunners. We are joined by B2theRyanNewman, Goosechecka from Grifball Hub, and Greenskull from Ready Up Live. Enjoy

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18 Responses to Podtacular 335: Halo 4 Spoilercast

  1. Ryan says:

    I am tired of listening to Goosechecka. All she does it complain because the story doesn’t fit what she wanted. I will admit there are some holes in the story but who is to say the holes wont be filled? Her whole thing about “take one thing on faith” is hypocritical. The force was explained in bio stuff? The chiefs enhancements are taken on faith? They explained ALL OF THAT in detail. Why is that based on faith? Why can’t she take the fact that Cortana is in a working forerunner (sp) ship and just stripped A LOT IF NOT ALL of her crazy parts she can finally figure out hard light but she has over worked herself and can’t explain it in detail because it was a last ditch effort to save chief and then say good bye?

    Also why can’t Cortana come back? In some form? Like I said she stripped off a lot of what was corrupting her. Maybe she is in a extremely weak state and Halsey can pull her back and repair her somehow? Another cloned brain? This is the START of the 3 games to come… Lets be more open to what can happen and not angry that it isn’t going the way you want.

    In terms of her “this is sexist” thing… Quit complaining in terms of halo. Go complain in the real world where we will change our views and this kind of thing wont be subconsciously in a game. The human raise is not perfect and I could go into my views on sexism but this is not the place. All I will say is males and females are different but that does not mean the way we see them as being different is right. Some thing we need to change. But seriously why not use females to emotionally drive a story? They are the more emotional ones and that is why we do it. It has been scientifically proven that females are more emotional then males. It just makes sense to have females play the emotional driving role.

    Sorry but she was annoying me.

  2. Ramen says:

    I’d have to agree with the comment above. Goose kinda makes the conversation uncomfortable with her sexism claims. All the other stuff is cool. it’s her opinion and thats cool.

  3. Rommel S says:

    Wow, I listened to the show and already had plans on posting a lengthy comment before I had even finished listening. Good thing I read the comments the other listeners posted before I spent the time writing my own. Ryan covered everything I wanted to say, I agree with him 100%. I also should thank him because he saved me having to write all of that. Haha.
    Other than that, good podcast.

  4. Jorge says:

    this is the third time I listen a podcast with Goosechecka in it and it’s always the same, all the sexism claims just make it really uncomfortable for the people listening and I believe she’s just overacting, I’ll admit it, the halo 4 story had some problems, but nothing to do with sexism.

  5. Bioman998 says:

    It is possible that Forerunners simply had dna samples of early humans. Kill them off and reseed, and you probably just devolved the entire species. Or simply alter the existing generations DNA. BOOM, De-evolution, without the fantasy.

  6. Bioman998 says:

    Oh, and I think that Chief Mandez has a geas from The Lord of Admirals, and Halsey has a geas from Yprin Yprikushma. It might explain why they fight so much. However, At the end of Primordium, Spark says that one of the crew members has a geas from Riser and Vinnerevra. We don’t know what ship that was, or whay crew was there, but it could tie in later.

  7. Phastroh says:

    I have to agree about Goosechecka. She is a little annoying but it is her opinion and we all have them. I would say to her to stop playing the game and relieve the stress lady.

    I just wanted to make a comment or 2 as I have only made it through the first 50 minutes.

    1) I think the hardlight at the end was supposed to be a surprise and while silly who is to say the MC was transported the nano second before the detonation after he pressed it. That is totally believable if he was removed from the place where he would die and put into the hardlight as he was pressing the button. Cortana could easily move him that fast especially since he was already touch the light.

    2) This is about Goosechecka’s friend who asked why we were fighting the Elites. It is perfectly fine for Cortana to say a lot could happen, because she does not know why and if her pal paid attention it is explained in the game enough to know why. I think it is supposed to be a shock to the player as much as the Chief. Why should the player holding the controller be exposed to the reasons when the Master Chief doesn’t even know.

    It has been 5 years, he wakes up to all this. Jump in and learn like he does by the end of the game. Yes, Cortana saying half the Covenant doesn’t like the Arbiter would have cleared it all up for him. That argument was as dumb as it gets. My explanation is clear and precise and the truth.

    Another thing is that I recall a long time ago seeing photos of Earth as they were building the Forerunner gateway to the Ark and the humans were not up to date so to speak. The de-Evolution of the humans was something I heard way before Halo 4 and I actually thought everyone knew that was what happened.

    Lastly has anyone ever explored the ship that crashed on Installation 4 way back before the humans landed there. The one Guilty Spark said was leaking but no-one ever came out of?

    I am sure after listening to the rest I will have a ton of comments. I never read any book after Onyx and yet I still have a lot of knowledge. Not all egghead tech stuff either.

  8. Rommel S says:

    What/who’s ship it is in the Aniversary Terminal is a good question. As far as I know it’s still unexplained. It could be precursor, it could be a derelict ancient human craft left over from the human forerunner war that crash landed, it could be from another alien species not yet identified.

  9. Bioman998 says:

    Cortana was sad because she knew she was dieing, she could only sit back and watch as her ‘humanity’ slowly faded away. She knew she couldn’t stop it, so she was sad. Simple. Would you not be upset if you KNEW your mind was being slowly eaten way, simply by thinking?

  10. Jorge says:

    I really hope she reads this comments

  11. Ramen says:

    Don’t get me wrong I like goose and what she does for the community its just awkward. It kinda seemed like you guys were holding back from saying things in fear of what she had to say if had anything to do with a female character or subject.

  12. Bioman998 says:

    I agree, Ramen.

  13. otherZinc says:


    Thanks for saving me a long writing sample!

    I’ll say:
    I didnt read the books and enjoy listening to you guys discuss them. I go back & tell my kids where things originated by listening to Podtacular.

    I only played all games, beat them all several times, on Legendary, including Halo Wars! And, the story makes sense to me! Also, I understand Halo 4 and why its possible to fight The Covenant!

    Again, Thanks Ryan! I agree with you 100% as well. And, thanks for saving writing time, I have to get to work.

  14. Bioman998 says:

    Oh, and guys, the hardlight shield? Didn’t the Chief use that in the campaign? With Cortana in his suit, she probably figured it out THEN. How else could it have worked if she didn’t integrate it into his systems?

  15. djSRK says:

    The women complaining about sexism killed the podcast.. I love the podcast as a whole & been listening since episode 80 or so but please don’t bring her back on.

    Also just my opinion everyone but she was really really annoying.

  16. B2theRyanNewman says:

    Hey, glad people liked it…but my name is Bryan not Ryan. :)

  17. johnnyjohnjohn says:


  18. Das Böse says:

    I don’t know who the female is or what she does in the community but it can’t be for the positive. When I played through any Halo, I never saw it as being sexist in any way shape or form, she only saw it as sexist because she’s an ignorant, idiotic sexist herself. This episode was excruciating to listen to because of her. I like Podtacular but she ruined this entire episode. I, along with many others, hope she never comes on the show again.

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