Podtacular 321: Infinity Multiplayer

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At New York Comic Con, 343i showed off another Making Halo 4 video, this time featuring Infinity Multiplayer. We got a first look at Meltdown, which looks really familiar to Ice Fields from Halo: PC, explanations of the personal ordnance drops with medals stacking up to gain your ordnance, the introduction of Situational Records, and much more. From the bulletin, we see how the Chief’s armor has changed throughout the games, design decisions for Meltdown and the Mantis, overview of the available skulls for the campaign, and some nice Halo-ween Spark-o-lantern designs for you to use. Enjoy

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  1. Thanatos 3.0 says:

    Another data drop in the bulletin form surgeon to coalminer in regards to the state of some species of the covenant if you havnt noticed yet.

  2. Dust Storm says:

    Did you notice our latest video on YouTube? :)

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