Podtacular 318: Halo 4 Progression System

Despite Waypoint being down during the normally slated time for the bulletin‘s release, one got released a day later dropping information about the Halo 4 progression system. It is similar to Reach’s progression system where you gain Spartan Ranks based on your experience. Sorry pro players, no skill-based ranking system. There’s also information about loadouts, visual customization, specializations, challenges, and commendations. There’s also a special former co-host who makes an appearance in this show. Enjoy

UPDATE: There will be a skill-based ranking system that has not been discussed yet.

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9 Responses to Podtacular 318: Halo 4 Progression System

  1. Sniper Viper23 says:

    I am very VERY disappointed there is no skill based ranking system. It is why I play Halo. It is not fun to beat a team 50-5 and the other team quits because they are getting destriod. I was a 50 in MLG in H3 and it was way more fun to play and a game meant something. Who cares what armor you have and skins for your new COD load outs.

    -Bummed out MLG player.

  2. Dust Storm says:

    Someone told me Jess actually mentioned on Twitter that there is a Skill-based ranking system that they haven’t talked about yet.

  3. InSaNe191 says:

    “UPDATE: There will be a skill-based ranking system that has not been discussed yet.”

    I just want to know NOW!!

  4. Lashon says:

    New Zealand gets Halo before Australia, guess what country I live in! :P

  5. The Reclaimer says:

    You guys arejust the best. I don’t understand why you guys don’t get such a massive response from the halo community. Sponsors maybe?? Theres options guys. Advertising could be a little on the expensive side though. Either way keep upthe good work, because ill b listening till this site doesnt exist anymore :)

  6. Tetrahedrite says:

    I personally like that there is no skill based PROGRESSION system in Halo 4. I’m all for a 1-50 True Skill type ranking system for certain playlists like in Halo 2 and 3 but it should be completely separate from the XP progression system you go through to unlock armor, armor mods, packages and stuff for your spartan. So basically there are two different systems going on: one for rank and another from xp.

  7. Andrew Gagnon says:

    Guys, I understand that there are competitive ‘pro’ players in the Halo community. But the vast majority are NOT these type players. This podcast seems to too frequently take the competitive side to heart liek it matters more than anythign else. It supply and demand and most Halo players play for fun, so while 343 is doign alot of different thigns to keep different types of fans happy, they cant do everything for what is a increasingly more whiney group of ‘competitve’ players who seem to think if they die a level 50 in Halo, theyll get a better spot in the afterlife.

    I lvoe Halo and gobble up every single bit of news, I understand you want to give news to those competitive palyers too.. but come on….

    Dust Storm, you do a great job with the show, but you cohosts seem to preach too often and instead of giving an opinion, it seems they talk like they are the final say on a subject. B Gamer is a wet blanket who even takes opt shots at BS Angel for making a guys joke in a guys dominated field. (Re Rooster teeth ‘probe’ comment.. I mean its an ice breaker.. not formal teas with the Queen) That is when your cohosts seem interested at all. They too seem to take the game WAY too seriously.

    Dust Storm, keep up your good wor, but perhaps just put a hoouse plant in front of a microphone to help you host, the plant would have more intelligent and heaven forbid a few POSITIVE things to say more than your current support.

  8. Sniper Viper23 says:

    I understand that most of the people playing Halo are not the competitive players like myself, but I do think there is a way to satisfy both camps. Halo 3 had it down with social and ranked playlists. I am all for the xp and unlocks of weapons and other goodies, but that can be a separate think for a skill rank in say a Team Slayer or MLG playlist. I know this has probably been said 10,000 times but I have been playing halo for almost 10 years and the reason I far prefer it to COD is that winning the games means something. It’s a more balanced game as far as competitive play, and everyone is not out for themselves. I like the social stuff from time to time, but with no competitive reason to keep playing I see myself getting board with this game just like Reach. I have heard rumors of the ranks and I hope they are true.

  9. Andrew Gagnon says:

    APOLOGY OF SORTS: I believe B Gamer DID get upset at BS Angel for waht I thought was nothign.. but its the guy who was forced to apologize a few shows back for his comments towards a group of suers that commonly seems to talk down to everyone.

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