Podtacular 316: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 1

October 5th premiered the live-action series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. The series starts off with Colonel Thomas Lasky receiving the distress call from Cortana that was transmitted out at the end of Halo 3. We flash back to Lasky’s time at Corbulo Academy of Military Science as a cadet and see first hand the trials he is going through. His feelings about the civil war with the Insurrectionists and disregard for the chain of command has put tension between him and the rest of his squad. While he struggles through the academy, with his mother’s and brother’s military records hanging over his head, he is also experiencing drastic side effects of cryo training. Will Lasky find the strength and resolve to make it through the academy? Enjoy

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7 Responses to Podtacular 316: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 1

  1. Sal says:

    Good podcast. Thanks a bunch for the mention of the site. I’ll have a breakdown of Episode 2 next week, however it will be a couple days after as I’ll be at New York Comicon (playing Halo 4!). Would love to do a cast with you guys. -Sal

  2. Dust Storm says:

    Funny thing, I’ll be at NYCC as well. We should try to meet up.

  3. GraphicMonkey says:

    Love your show. I have been a regular listener since around the time it started. Never really felt the urge to comment but I notice something i thought was significant to the story. The main character has been having issues in how he feels about the insurgency.

    First point he is a high school age kid sent to basically a boarding school and he has a very important Mom that does not pay attention to him. So he could be rebelling against her.

    Second and more importantly nobody brought up the fact that his brother is going to be court martialed. I would think it would be a very serious charge if you let slip that the military were planning an attack and when it was going to take place. The main female character even says so they haven’t been court martialed yet.
    Something happened with his brother that is influencing his feelings on the insurgency.
    I have not seen anyone mention this on any site that has reviewed this show and it was kind of bugging me.

  4. Dust Storm says:

    Silva said, “So you haven’t been court-martialed yet.” She was talking about Tom, not his brother.

  5. Bioman998 says:

    Not related but, Did the UNSC Controller get pushed back? I could have sworn it came out today. Now Gamestop says it comes out the 18th.

  6. GraphicMonkey says:

    Oops, I guess i was not listening carefully enough. Well that blows my theory out of the water.
    Thanks for the reply

  7. Dust Storm says:

    @Bioman, I’m not getting mine from Amazon until the 8th.

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