Podtacular 310: Submissions Show

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This week, we have the co-host with the golden voice return: Brent Gamer. We take some time before Daft comes on to recap the Halo news that has come out over the last three months. We then take your questions/submissions and read them out on the show. Do you have something to say about all of the Halo 4 news that has come out and that is imminently inbound? Send us a comment or question at submissions@podtacular.com, or use the big green “Submit” button at the top.

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2 Responses to Podtacular 310: Submissions Show

  1. Carts says:

    I like this show. Its nice to have all the info summed up.

  2. Ghoastchilly says:

    Lashon was the one who mentioned the song and I had the idea at the same time without knowing and I also love how daft read my comment from like 5 episodes ago that he already read by him so i just received the same info ha.

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