Podtacular 299.2: Halo 4 Comic Con

This past week was Comic Con and we got even more goodies about the game and the fiction. While we haven’t had the time to review every piece of video footage from Comic Con, we want to at least touch on some of the basics. The Special Halo 4 Xbox 360 was announced and showed off at the Campaign and Multiplayer panel. It looks a lot better than the Reach one and I’ve already pre-ordered it. Before Comic Con, we had a massive influx of Behind the Scenes videos and interviews from the set of Forward Unto Dawn. Enjoy

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One Response to Podtacular 299.2: Halo 4 Comic Con

  1. TheGnarmaster says:

    I’m a very casual gamer but big Halo fan that’s really excited for Halo 4. I listened to the podcast for the first time today and heard you guys want opinions about the 8GB requirement for Halo 4. I rock a 10GB hard-drive, so I’ve always had to be pretty thrifty. My philosophy is, if you’re never going to play it again, delete it. I only plan on playing Halo Anniversary / Halo 4 and Walking Dead episodes in the near future, so I can make do with the requirement. I think it’s a steep requirement, but I can deal with it.

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