Podtacular 296: E3 Halo 4 Campaign Discussion

It’s time to put a stopper on the big ticket items from E3 regarding Halo 4, and what better way then to end off with Master Chief himself. This show talks about the campaign for Halo 4 and what we can expect to see, what we want to see from the Chief and Cortana in this new episode. Slightly Live from Forward Unto Dawn is here this week along with community guests Raxus Reaper and Siete Cinco75. Enjoy

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11 Responses to Podtacular 296: E3 Halo 4 Campaign Discussion

  1. jc says:

    D storm should you listen to the Halo books on youtube its way faster and cheaper lol. also I really like Daft, but the politics crap keeps blowing my mind. I dont want to hear about liberals and Conservatives because they both evenly sicken me,because it totally snatches me out of the halo universe being discussed. Don’t get me wrong, I am and have been the republican CPO for my district here in Spokane Valley WA for the last 2 elections. But the fox news talking points piss me off I honestly feel they are alienating our party from the rest of the world that vote and elect. I know you he is young, but that is what frustrates me…young people should be open minded with their comments and thoughts to get real thinking people…thinking. Not just crap you hear on tv or your from your family. Anyways, The original criptum was shaped like an egg not a ball. and I saw a screen shot of a grenade exploding in to spikes like the needler but they were orange or yellow and shot upward in a 45 degree angle. I will try and find that shot and send it to you guys. I also think Cortana lives, becomes evil, gets a human body some how, or she dies saving chief and chief gets BEBE. idk what do you guys think.

    P.S. and whats with the guy from the UK, he got really touchy when that other guy jumped in, and it seemed like he knew just as muck HALO lore as he did, but had a different opinion than he did. He didn’t even say it was nice to meet you back to the kid, which was very childish and rude….oh yeah a good book to read is the Law by Frederic Bastiat It would help a politically minded young man voice his opinion without being abrasive.

  2. Killer K34 says:

    . . . . .why did danny barely talk in this one????

  3. Raxxy says:

    Yeah, as a guest on show along with SL and Siete Cinco, really hearing how SL handled SieteCInco (whom I am good friends with) really aggravated me. It really seemed that he was totally against any kind of free speculation on Halo lore and considering some of us haven’t read all of the books (or fully comprehended or processed them) it’s unfair for him to talk down on people who haven’t or even throw down on those who speculate on story.

    On another note, regarding Daft’s unnecessary digressions that pertain to politics, we should really start enforcing a “no politics” atmosphere when recording. If anyone else has played with him on XBL, you can attest with the fact that he is rampantly annoying as he brings up his political propaganda in the guise of innocence. It has angered and pestered many who are around him, for he does so at the most inappropriate times, including me. It seems that whenever he hears something that he deems leftist, he immediately bashes or mimics the other, calling me and another friend “communist” for stating our own political beliefs, although we are merely stating something remotely different.

    Otherwise, the Podcast was teeming with speculation (or at least for the latter part of it after SL left) and I am pleased to say I will begin listening to it again. Although I’m still kinda used to the hilarity that was the Foo Mo and JVB show, I’m sure I’ll still steal a few laughs here and there….

  4. CM says:

    I have no problem with Republicans, but I think Daft should take his political knowledge from people like David Frum instead of the obvious Fox News garbage he has most likely been listening to. I hope that Daft no longer appears on podtacular because he has clearly shown his inability to behave.

  5. DaftLink I17 says:

    Enough out of you, CM. Behave? How about YOU behave and not troll our comments section. Get off of the site, you nothing.

  6. DaftLink I17 says:

    BTW, I mainly listen to Michael Savage.

  7. Raxxy says:

    Daft, that’s not trolling :P That’s just pointing out the obvious. Although his suggestion is a bit extreme, you are quite known for bringing up your political opinions at the the most inappropriate times and luckily for you some people (your friends) are quite tolerant of your shenanigans.

    Really though, try to cut down on it lol.

  8. Dust Storm says:

    Daft, they have a point. This is a Halo podcast, not a political one. People don’t come here to hear your opinions on politics. Most prefer the two be separate, and to appeal to our listeners, we must keep it out of the show, period.

  9. jc says:

    The “HALO Universe” is what I come here for, not ours.

  10. Tetrahedrite says:

    In regards to the podcast Dusty, I’ve noticed in the past couple of podcast some topics you bring up are taken from images or articles relating to either to Halo 4 or just Halo lore in general. Is there a way you guys can link the information (possibly in the description) you end up talking about? Or at least maybe some of the more important links you all discuss.

    Some of the topics I kind of get lost in sometimes because I’m not looking at what you’re looking at per se (and probably because I don’t know any lore outside the games) and google only gets me so far because I don’t know if I found what you guys are looking at. The Halo News series you’ve started has been doing this well, showing us images and clips of what is being discussed so we are all the same page.

    Don’t know if I’m the only one that has this ‘problem’ but I’m just trying to give you guys feedback since you’re always asking for it.

  11. Dust Storm says:

    @Tetrahedrite: I can try to start doing that. Thanks for the input.

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