Podtacular 293: Halo 4 at E3 2012

Today was the first day of E3 2012 and what better way to start off the Xbox Media Briefing with some Live-action, Halo 4 Campaign demo to satisfy our hunger for more Halo goodies. 343i made a huge impression on everyone today and put up an awesome show. There are so many tid-bits from today’s demo to take away from, including the new Prometian enemies and weapons, the joining of the Infinity and Master Chief in the campaign, Cortana’s rampancy, and much more. We tried to hit all the topics of information that came out today, but we are sure to see more throughout the duration of the expo. Community member UnrealCh13f joins us for this show as well as short guest appearances from Nak3dEli and Greenskull who graciously game us some time in the midst of their busy video editing, which I will soon endeavor. Enjoy

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11 Responses to Podtacular 293: Halo 4 at E3 2012

  1. Sonic Charro says:


    I heard in the podcast that you said that the chief only uses 1 weapon but in the E3 Campaign you can see that they use the BR and Assault Rifle and then changes the BR to the Promethean weapon :D

    Sonic Charro

  2. The Guardians says:

    Do not personally attack anyone on the site!

  3. The Guardians says:

    Do not personally attack anyone on the site!

  4. Freefalling gaming says:

    If you dont fucking like what they say dont fucking listen.
    Its simple!

  5. DaftLink I17 says:

    I’m glad to see fans of the show voicing their praise.

  6. Killer K34 says:

    . . . . . . (ignores the liberal comments) are you guys going to post the next podcast about the spartan ops and multiplayer after E3?

  7. GLewis says:

    @dude hatin

    Hope you enjoy the 300th episode this summer and 600th five summers from now.


  8. CM says:

    Please tell Daft to cease promoting known bigots on the Halo podcast.

  9. DaftLink I17 says:

    Who’s the bigot, CM? You?

  10. CM says:

    Promoting Mitt Romney during a Halo podcast is unacceptable. He has pronounced his bigotry towards gays and has vowed to diminish women’s right to choose if he wins the presidency. I find it ironic that Daft considers himself a Halo fan, given it is made by the same company whom sponsors MSNBC.

  11. awesomehaloman says:

    didact wasnt a promethean it was a forerunner which was the librarians husband do u think they are divorced?

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