Podtacular 282: Halo 4 Release Date

We’ve all been waiting for it, and now we have an answer. Yesderday, 343i announced the release date for Halo 4: November 6th. So start making plans to stay up all night to camp out at your favorite local retailer and play throughout the night. That is not the only thing we’ve gotten recently. 343i has opened the floodgates to every little bit of detail they can squeeze out to us, including multiplayer information. Rukizzel from the Waypoint Moderator staff is on in place of GLewis this week as he takes care of family business. Enjoy

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One Response to Podtacular 282: Halo 4 Release Date

  1. Tired says:

    Just talk about Halo… stop humble-bragging.

    This podcast has never been amazing but at least it was a few hours of just Halo stuff. Stop name-dropping. Stop talking about how important you are in the Halo community. Stop talking about how luck you are.

    New info on Halo 4 keeps coming out almost every day and yet it feels like maybe one of you reads the sources (and even then not very closely).

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