Podtacular 277: Armor Lock Discussion

You wanted it, you got it! We discuss armor lock in all of it’s glory and frustration. Being one of the most controversial things in Reach, there’s a lot to say: not just about armor lock, but armor abilities in general and how they have evolved in Halo. There exists a definite split between those who love armor lock and use it, and those who won’t even touch it with a 9-and-a-half foot pole. Joining in on the discussion is Kete from The Running Riot, Old Regime, Greenskull from Ready Up Live, and Slightly Live from Forward Unto Dawn. Enjoy your ears being assaulted for 2+ hours :)

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7 Responses to Podtacular 277: Armor Lock Discussion

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  2. DaftLink I17 says:

    Sorry for being a little quiet in this one, the call was a bity laggy, hard to get a word in. But pretty much everything I would’ve said, was said. It speaks for itself.

  3. Dust Storm says:

    @DaftLink I17 Indeed it does. I really can’t help the lag while I’m at my parents, but hey, on the bright side, I’ll be in my own place in two week’s time.

  4. Samba says:

    I like the thought behind armour lock, okey I’m in trouble I will lock down and wait for my team to help me, I got no problem with that, thats teamwork. Buuut, that is usually not how people use it, it feels like they are trolling you. And I play alot of Big Team Battle and Armour Lock works really well in this playlist.

    Teamwork is also the answer to how to beat an armour locking team. running around with 2 or 3 friends helps. I’m very neutral to all AAs, if H4 has it that okey, if not thats okey too.

    good show

  5. derk says:

    i liked the show. i do use armor lock from time to time, but i usually use hologram or sprint. i use armorlock in BTB and it really works fine there. the old armor lock worked great there and would work fine with the new Heavies gametype. all in all i think that armor abilities are just a bad thing to have. halo has always been about everyone being on a level playing field, but when you throw in armor abilites it means some can run faster than others, some can go invisable at will, some can go flying up the map to the highest point in a flash, and some can be invinsable on command. equipment was great in Halo3, but having the same type of things in in Reach that are reusable just over deversifies the playing field.

  6. blah says:

    really enjoyed the show! good discussion. but honestly, those two dudes had absolutely no idea how the reach ranking system works. their opinions on ranking in halo generally were very ignorant. whenever dust storm tried to chime in and fill them in, they cut him off and just rambled on. sorry, just my two cents.

  7. Bioman998 says:

    I liked equipment in H3. I like armor abilities. But armor lock could be a lot better. Something like the bubble shield grenade that the chief used in a halo 3 vid. That would be awesome. 1 and1/2 seconds of invulnerability. spherical shape keeping enemies at bay. Would make more sense than a block that releases an emp. I still think you should be immobile. but maybe if your crouching it does the whole ground pound, and if your standing, it lets you move, slowly.

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