Podtacular 275: Bulletin Update

The Halo Bulletin this week was filled with many questions that the community had regarding the information release on Halo 4 this week. Unfortunately, we weren’t graced with many answers as 343i is still holding some info up there sleeves. They can’t give us all the details just yet: where’s the fun in that? We did get a few solid pieces of information though which is the topic of discussion in today’s show. Enjoy

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12 Responses to Podtacular 275: Bulletin Update

  1. Kyle says:

    Hello i have a question about the Concept Art trailer at the end is a creature, and my question is, is that the precursor because i have seen such simlar art work what looks like it.


    Image 2

  2. Alec Furman says:

    Hey guys I heard your podcast 275 and I noticed that you said you hadn’t read the books, I’ve read most of them including two of the newest Forerunner saga books. When it comes to Halo 4 I believe the setting will be a shield world, but it will not be Onyx. unfortunately in the book Onyx was destroyed as it was made of Onyx Sentinels, not to be confused with regular sentinels, Attacked the humans as well as an Armada of Covenant Elites. Now While Onyx was destroyed it did explain the existence of multiple shield worlds. Another interesting Fact is how Halo grasslands goes into how Blue team (Master Chiefs team of Spartan IIs) rescue Halsey and a few Spartans from a Microdyson Sphere, If you don’t know what that is go look it up too long and I don’t want to explain it. Anyway so the possibility of more than one spartan meeting up with Master Chief on this new Shield world is high, A tangent I wish to go into also shows how on the Pillar of Autumn Master Chief was not the only Spartan II on the Ship one of his team Linda 058 was also on board although fatally injured on Reach now while it doesn’t go into this in the Game in the Lore Linda is in a cryotube and Master Chief had brought her aboard the ship he used to escape Installation 04 (the first Halo we know of) and in grasslands the rest of Blue team along with Linda 058 go on a mission to rescue Dr. Halsey and the Spartan IIIs again eluding too the possibility of Blue team going to a shield world and meeting up with Chief.

    Anyway I just thought I might supply you guys with info you wanted if you have any questions relating the fiction of Halo and Halo 4 I might have some valuable insight for you. Thank you for your time.

  3. gore6 says:

    @Kyle Both images are from Metroid Prime 2, not Halo. I wouldn’t check a fan-site for that kind of stuff. Still, there might be precursor things in the Halo 4 artwork, like that video they showed at Halo Fest.

  4. Bem says:

    Hey, I heard when you guys where talking about how the Campaign of Halo 4 is going to be. And I’m sorry to inform you but almost everything you said is wrong. (you might be angry at this moment an may even not believe me at all but hear me out.) I may loose very much with giving away even a small portion of this information. I was told of a plan for the Halo Series when nearing the end of Halo 3 production. “There will be Halo 4 but HALO is finished. New world, new weapons, new enemy’s and allies. Master Chief, all alone, stuck in a strange and new world.” I already assumed that some of this information was off, but if you look at it it does kinda make sense. And on a side note, the Terminals where referring to the story of The Librarian and Didact. Two Forerunner lovers sending messages to each other. (This also took place shortly before the Forerunners set off the rings to kill the flood) The Librarian was on Earth with what was left of humanity seeing as we where they’re favorite. And The Didact was sadly the one that set off the rings. If he hadn’t died during the firing, he might have killed himself in a horrible and gruesome death. Sorry for going on a little bit of a tangent. That’s all the information I can really give.

  5. Dust Storm says:

    @Bem, nothing you have said contradicts what we have said. Plus you didn’t even tell us “how” we were wrong. Plus, everything we’ve said is speculation if it hasn’t been confirmed by 343i. And the quote you provided is just as open ended as everything we’ve seen so far, so kinda a mute point.

  6. Bem says:

    @Dust Storm, unfortunately every time we answer it must seem like this in order to keep all the real surprises hidden. Then again, who am I to be telling you of anything close to the “big picture” when I’m just relaying what I’ve heard from designer a to designer b, designer c to designer a and from a friend that worked for them as ether designer or tester and got lucky with being shared some insight.

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  8. Dust Storm says:

    @Bem, from experience, those don’t always turn out to be true 100% of the time either. Granted, there are some things I’ve had to keep to myself as well, so I know these work sometimes. Rumors fly everywhere, even from developers who think something might happen a certain way and then changes in development. All we can do is speculate on what information we’re given. Your source might be on the money or might not.

  9. Bem says:

    True, wich is why although I trust my sources because they’ve never led me astray in the same motion I wouldn’t bet money on them eather.

  10. Kyle says:

    “new weapons, new enemy‚Äôs and allies.”
    1. The Battle Rifle back
    2. covenant are back as 343 has just announced it.
    3. I have seen pelicans in the concept art trailer whitch means there still UNSC.
    Not everything new because Halo 3 was made by Bunige this is 343 who are making it on how they want to.
    We all know that it in a shield world and life is on it.
    All i want to know is what was that at the end of the concept art trailers because Forerunners stick to the colour blue only thing i can think of is what the oppisite to blue is and thats “Red” and the only race i can think what the oppisite to Forerunners are precurosrs. Will have to wait untill they give us the infomation :)

  11. You guys fail. How can you speculate as to Halo 4’s new enemy and have not even read the Forerunner Saga books? Do your listeners a service and be more knowledgeable on your podcast’s subject matter… Finally, please stop being so whiny – it’s off-putting.

  12. Kyle says:

    I use to go on Twitter but i took an arrow to the knee

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