Podtacular 270: Future of MLG

MLG is a professional gaming league where the best-of-the-best come to compete and show off their skills. If you have never heard of it or watched an event, you’re missing out. MLG has been pretty big with the Halo scene, but there has been some changes in the flow of attraction of the game when it comes to the circuit as a whole. That is why AnTiPRO (MLG Photographer/Boss Fight TV), JakFireDragon (Cyberline Films), and Cheeky (Former THO Infamous Coach/Halo Nation) are here to talk about the future of the Halo franchise in the realm of MLG. Enjoy

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One Response to Podtacular 270: Future of MLG

  1. Andrew F says:

    Leagues>touraments imo

    players get more matches, more practice, and it helps strengthen the players relations.

    MLG should run leagues all through the year with the tournaments being the main events

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