Podtacular 269: Halo CEA Review

The long-awaited Halo: CEA Review show is here. Everyone listening has probably played the game by this point, but just in-case you haven’t, we have community leaders GrimBrother One and Rukizzel on to give our opinions about 343’s version of the game that started a generation. Enjoy

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3 Responses to Podtacular 269: Halo CEA Review

  1. DaftLink I17 says:

    I wanted a full Reach multiplayer disc at first but then I realized that could hinder people’s abilities to complete Campaign-esque Challenges on Reach. I think that was one of the main issues.

    Also, I disagree with the sentiment that the Kinect features were “interesting”. They were unnecessary. Are people really too lazy to press RB or left trigger to reload or throw a nade? The Analyze feature absolutely could’ve been compatible with the controller and it’s cheap that 343/Microsoft almost used this whole thing to try and sell more Kinects. Do you think most hardcore Halo fans(and let’s be honest, most Halo fans are fanboys) own or want a Kinect? Most likely not. Nobody wanted a Kinect in the first place, and it’s wrong that the people who didn’t buy one are deprived of the cool analyze/library feature.

  2. DavidFuchs says:

    Glad to see you back!

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