Podtacular 258: Future of Halo Media

This week the crew talks about the Halo: Faith project. It’s a fan film that we don’t yet know a lot about other than that it will happen around the time frame of the Covenant invasion on Reach. With Halo Legends and now Halo: Faith, we talk about the opportunities that Halo has on the silver screen and adding a constant presence for videos in the Halo realm. This week, we are joined by DaftLink I17 and SIETE CINCO75. Enjoy

Link from Show: Sik Web Pages – Halo: Faith

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8 Responses to Podtacular 258: Future of Halo Media

  1. Thanks guys for the interest in Halo:Faith! Make sure to keep up with Halo:Faith’s Facebook page and SikDailyMags for more information, Interviews and teasers about the upcoming Live action CG film, Halo:Faith.

    Lance Brimmage

  2. Dust Storm says:

    We’re looking forward to it. Can’t wait for your TRR appearance. Any chance you might show up here?

  3. Possibly! Would love it!

  4. cobberwebb says:

    Sorry guys couldn’t listen to that podcast cause the audio quality is so terrible! I really want to listen to your stuff so I will continue to download each episode but please buy some new mics and and do some post production or something.
    Have a feeling now I’m gonna get bashed in the next few comments for saying that lol.

  5. Dust Storm says:

    Well, we do post processing and the audio quality really isn’t that bad compared to other podcasts. If you’re listening for audio quality and not content, then you’re listening to the wrong show.

  6. GLewis says:

    I dont mean to sound mean or anything butttt….

    The higher the audio quality, the bigger the file. Also that means the more server space it takes up, it also means more bandwidth. I think the quality we have at the moment is the best of both quality and file size.

    If you’d like a better audio file please feel free to donate to our show so we can buy more server space and bandwidth. Thanks!

  7. Hey whens the next epeisiode?

  8. uhh oh oreo says:

    The quality is good, just whoever was tapping was annoying for the first 5 minutes of the podcast… And Greg’s mic is terrible, but it still is good quality. I don’t know what he is talking about.

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