Podtacular 246: Community Picks for 2010

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On our previous episode, the hosts had the opportunity to discuss their favorite games from 2010. Now it’s the community’s turn to have their say. There were a lot of games that seemed like no-brainers and a few that surprised us. Joining us are the two Podtacular Pro overlords: Anorexic Leader and Old Regime. Also, this is the first show where we’ve taken posts from the forums and read them on the show. Look forward to this being a new regular occurrence. Enjoy

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9 Responses to Podtacular 246: Community Picks for 2010

  1. BrentGamer says:

    Annie and Old Regime are super rad.

  2. St0rmtacular says:

    I sent in a paragraph long full of information for the top picks for 2010 and it did not end up in the show or shownotes. I sent it in twice 2 days after they anounced they were doing the show.

  3. Dust Storm says:

    @St0rmtacular, I only have two submission from you, both titled “Random”, and like I’ve said before, we put everything we get in the shownotes, and there’s no guarantee that they get read on the show.

  4. Old Regime says:

    Brent knows a lot about pokemon and team rocket :)

  5. Soccersac says:

    I feel like all the bleeps from skype was me send Regime messages :P oops

  6. Arrowhead896 says:

    I was kind of surprised you guys didn’t mention MineCraft. BTW, the new show format is awesome.

  7. Slidercleo says:

    Dance Central isn’t the only reason to buy a Kinect, guys. Your Shape Fitness and Kinect Sports are totally worth it. I’ve played the heck out of bowling and table tennis, and its WAY better than anything on the Wii…I daresay it approaches hardcore on the harder difficulties. Kinect is a great way to get some active time in conjunction with gaming, rather than just vegging and twiddling a controller for hours. Btw I am far from a soccer mom. And I’d much rather have a Kinect over a piece of [bleep] Wii. If Your Shape and Kinect Sports are the only things that I ever have, my Kinect is still worth what I paid for it. The Wii is for soccer moms…Kinect is much more, a far superior experience with much greater potential.

  8. moose0030 says:

    I love Kinet for 3 reasons.

    1. Different Types of Games
    2. Using my hands to control go through menus
    3. Voice Commands

  9. PunxsatownyPhil says:

    1. Mass Effect 2/ Halo Reach
    2. Black Ops.

    Those are the only games I got in 2011. Yay for competitive private Catholic high school.

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