Podtacular 221: Podtacular Update

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This week, we bring back a show from the old rotation: Podtacular Update. In this show, we will go through the Podtacular mailbag for random frags and other things we decide to talk about. Weekly Porridge creator, Quality Jeverage joins us for this episode as we talk about Pokémon? Enjoy.

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5 Responses to Podtacular 221: Podtacular Update

  1. troubeldparty says:

    for a halo podcast you guy bash halo alot :/

  2. The Gamer28 says:

    Beautiful Curse used to be Figureskater87. Oh, and I can’t beliave you haven’t seen the baby commercial for etrade. Also, something ironic is my dads gamertag is like jeverage said. His favorite team then fan at the end.

  3. QualityJeverage says:


    I think that’s mostly me doing the bashing. I enjoy the Halo games, but I’ve got a lot of problems with ’em. Would you rather I just pretend they’re perfect?

    That sounds far less interesting.

  4. The Gamer28 says:

    The only problem I have is the firing from your visor thing. Otherwise I think it’s perfect. Well, maybe a larger selection of weapons.

  5. troubeldparty says:


    I don’t pretend it doesn’t have problems but its weird to me when you guys say that you don’t really like the master chief and all that stuff when your on a halo podcast. Idk that’s just weird that’s like being in a gang and being a pacifist at the same time, it doesn’t fit.

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