Podtacular 218: Customs and Creations

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We have returned to the Customs and Creations show for probably it’s last run, at least if Halo Reach doesn’t have a nice customization system. It’s been nearly 3 months since the last one of these so there are a few to read through. This episode brought to you by the Phat PS3 Phail and Dick Cheney. Enjoy

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15 Responses to Podtacular 218: Customs and Creations

  1. The Gamer28 says:

    Part of the pS3 problem got fixed.

  2. ChuckieJ says:

    First appearance of Jerome I saw was on the Halo 3 legendary documentary. It showed him letting employees into the building and commenting on how early they were arriving during crunch time.

  3. razza 119 says:


  4. Dust Storm says:

    Razza, for the last time, WE WOULD BE READING IT IF WE GOT IT! Stop asking.

  5. The Dog Patch says:

    Hey podtac! The Dog Patch here with a tale from the fox hole…
    I remember this one sniping spot on headlong in halo 2 where no one could see you and the only way to get down was to one, commit suicide, or have a banshee next to you all the time… Sad to see the servers bein ‘cut’ but at least chile still has em right lol! :)
    thanks for reading/listening and whoever said to stay on topic is a straight up fag, I frag him.
    Keep fragging noobs who drive mongooses in Rats Nest while playing team swat.
    Shout out to mah boy Daniel son, Jeremy, BrentGamer(?), Duststorm, and Jlewis
    ( sorry if I spelled any names wrong)
    love your podcast and I always tune in!
    The Dog Patch is signing out!

  6. The Dog Patch says:

    Oh hey it’s me again I’m actually writing a book based on the odsts! Check out my page on FB (Joshua’s Book) I try and post new pics every now and then :) thanks!

  7. The Gamer28 says:

    This is not a way to submit. Please send your submissions in by the big green button on the right.

  8. razza 119 says:

    well i send you subs and you dont get them

  9. The Gamer28 says:

    You are using the green button, correct? If not send them to submissions@podtacular.com. If you do not type in a valid email adress when you submit either way, button or email, they will not get there.

  10. razza 119 says:

    ugh i give up

  11. The Gamer28 says:

    Send them to me, and I’ll fed them to you. Actually, ask dusty to send them to him, and he can fwd it to the submissions email. Ask him first though, because he might not if you just send them to Jim, because he won’t know why you did.

  12. razza 119 says:

    WOOT WOOT i finally found the problem my email account has been shut down

  13. The Gamer28 says:

    Lol. How did you not notice? Anyways, good thing you found out, or you would be doom-ED!

  14. razza 119 says:

    im an idiot thats why

  15. The Gamer28 says:

    Well, not entirely.

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