Podtacular 191: Multiplayer Tips for Maps of the Month: Rat’s Nest and Orbital

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Apologies for getting this one out late, but this is the first podcast where I’ve had to cut out stuff because of how long it turned out being.  I manages to squeeze the podcast down to 100 minutes, so it’s still pretty long, but we’re sure you’ll like it.  We included some new segments this week, which contributed to some of the clutter.  We would really appreciate your feedback on them, so please let us know what you think.

This week, we covered two DLC Maps: Rat’s Nest and Orbital: two similar maps.  We had an outstanding response from submissions and there are some really good tips in here.  We couldn’t get to all of them, so make sure to check out the show notes.  Our guest this week was jonny12gauge from 2Old2Play.  Enjoy

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15 Responses to Podtacular 191: Multiplayer Tips for Maps of the Month: Rat’s Nest and Orbital

  1. razza 119 says:

    i was first woot
    why u no read out my shouts?

  2. Christina says:

    Lol in Chrissygrl.
    Grl does mean girl.
    So yes I am a girl. :D

  3. Christina says:

    Yes, this is Chrissygrl28.
    Guess I should have clarified that.

  4. PunxsatwonyPhil says:


  5. Dust Storm says:

    Like I said razza, I had to cut some stuff out because of the length.

  6. Dust Storm says:

    Phil, you submitted yours after we recorded the podcast.

  7. Jonny12gauge says:

    Great show guys! Thanks for having me on! :)

  8. ProvingUnique says:

    2Old2PlayHalo representing! Thanks for giving the Pwnathon a plug and giving Jonny some airtime to spread the love!

    <2Old2PlayHALO member
    <Young geezer (28)

  9. Dust Storm says:

    Updated shownotes have been uploaded with the MLG notes from GLewis.

  10. constructive criticism says:

    I liked the MLG Segment.
    Keep it up GLewis!

  11. razza 119 says:

    i have an awsome shout out and keep on fraggin for the next show

  12. PunxsatwonyPhil says:

    Oh, sorry. Wait, what? Do you not record on Sundays anymore?

  13. giffyboy92 says:

    they still record on sundays as far as i know. Good show guys. Hope to be able to send somethin in for next week.

  14. Dust Storm says:

    We record a 4:00 PM Eastern

  15. razza 119 says:

    on what day

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