Podtacular 177: Customs and Creations

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Hype (aka Kiaffex) joins us this week as he talks about his custom map he just finished: R7. We get to hear about all the great maps and gametypes that you sent in this week. Somehow, we managed to get a pro, basketball player on the show?!? Listen to find out. Enjoy.

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20 Responses to Podtacular 177: Customs and Creations

  1. EliteSpartan says:

    Wake Forest beat Duke 70-68. Go Deacs!!!!!

  2. Leonidas117 says:

    The flood CAN form without a gravemind, they have to gain lots of mass to form a proto gravemind, like Keyes.

  3. fOe KaNaRy says:

    Good job on the podcast guys!

  4. Uzumaki15 says:

    Good job guys.

  5. JAC Overlord says:

    I lost Entrenched because I hadn’t played it for a while, so it wasn’t in my recent maps, and I didn’t have enough space in my fileshare at the time. ironically, I have enough space now. I was going to use the transfer cable to get the maps back, but my brother deleted everything off the hard drive. Oh well.

    BTW, It’s Jay A See, not “Jack.”

  6. chuckiej says:

    Right. The gravemind from Forerunner time and the one that just died in Halo 3 are not necessarily the same being.

  7. The Crazy Knight says:

    Lol, nice job reading mine. And logan has not seeked me out, i think im safe =)

  8. 1nfiniteSingularity says:

    I have also changed the spawn layouts for it.

  9. aadude says:

    Stop breathin so much then =P

  10. Dust Storm says:

    They tend to do that.

  11. Hype says:


    Didn’t know my mic picked up so much breath.

  12. tokyoinamerica says:

    Haha glewis you have never took me off your friends list Ive just changed my GT.

  13. Leonidas117 says:


  14. Nero the Demon says:

    Yay first post downloading now

  15. chuckiej says:

    See if you can get a puffball thing for it :-)
    I didn’t think it was that bad really.

  16. aadude says:

    Nice one!

  17. PoopInABasket says:

    wow. basketball?

  18. Dust Storm says:

    Thank you.

  19. Nero the Demon says:

    is it on itunes yet

  20. chuckiej says:

    You are right about the Flood. The Halo Wars team has apparently done some very creative and/or weird stuff to bring them into the story. We don’t know how yet. They are fully aware people are upset and confused. We’ll see!

    Nice “Indeed” reference Dusty!

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