Episode 146: Customs and Creations with ForgeHub

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This week JVB and I are joined by TrueDarkFusion, one of the masterminds behind Forge Hub. Forge Hub is a really cool site, group of leaders, and community that’s all about forge. They have tutorial videos, detailed articles and instructions, the best custom maps with detailed descriptions, screenshots, and videos, friday night forge matches and more. I can’t say enough great things about these guys, they’re truly there to help the Halo Nation enjoy forge and make cool things with it. This week’s Pod Art is from ManOfPopsicle14. You can send in pod art too, just send it in to podtacular at gmail dot com. Even if it’s not used in the next show it might be used in future ones. Shows about an hour long and it’s really good, so start listening!

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15 Responses to Episode 146: Customs and Creations with ForgeHub

  1. Byonchi says:

    Lol, JVB is a drug dealer.

  2. t3hreaper says:

    DLing now

  3. weapwnsmaster says:

    Me too
    Sounds great, I love the forge hub.

  4. azn_dude1 says:

    I’m going to get it asap from itunes

  5. ManOfPopsicle says:

    dude thats crazy I got the pod art. awesome show.

  6. Swift Ninja1 says:

    wow this came fast. didint the other one cum like yesterday or sumthing? Anyways, its always good so i cant wait to here it

  7. Anorexic Leader says:

    Yea, I now have so many to listen too! I swear I’m a little backed up from all the recent ones coming out so soon! But hey, its gonna be another great episode, I’m sure. Plus its Forge Hub, and everyone likes the customs and maps that site puts out….

  8. foomojive says:

    don’t worry next show comes out on sunday or so and after that the next sunday so if you’re backed up you’ll have time to catch up.

  9. lazr shoopdwoop says:

    …you said cum… < (-.-)>

  10. foomojive says:

    for anyone looking for the citadel on forgehub, you can find it here: http://www.forgehub.com/home/index.php?page=108

  11. Master_Podtack says:

    DLing right now

  12. weapwnsmaster says:

    At the forge hub website they keep calling you ‘joo mo live’! LOLOLOLOL

  13. ostemb0r says:

    great show, excellent to have the forge hub site involved, hopefully this exposure will inspire more forgers & great maps.

  14. Master_Podtack says:

    i think the “foo mo live” is a small j.

  15. Tapio says:

    Nice to hear some stuff from forge expert.
    Really good episode guys,looking forward to next one!

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