Episode 141: The Storm Campaign Show

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This week we have JVB, Lilkuke and I along with the Halo nation who sent in tips. We’re all talking about how to move into Voi, destroy the scarab, and disable the stationary gun. Pod Art this week is from XViva La JoshX in the screenshot section. Be sure to check out the extra long and extra funny outtake at the end. :) Oh by the way sorry my voice is the only low one… that’s what I get for checking everyone else’s voice but not my own.

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23 Responses to Episode 141: The Storm Campaign Show

  1. Swift Ninja1 says:

    Woo Hoo! First comment! Anyways nice show and great job! :)

  2. Gamepro330 says:

    Great show! Still need to listen to 140 though.

  3. Arbitation says:

    Yeah… well I got third
    comment *pokes out tongue*


    Well, anyways: downloading it now, should be good!

  4. Anorexic Leader says:

    Wow, what a nice surprise for a page refresh…..anyways I’m opening iTunes now to start the Download now!

  5. SGT Corona says:

    I just listened to the episode and to clear something up on the “To close to the sun” achievement. To get it, you HAVE to use a Spartan Laser. Great outtakes guys and great show.

  6. Anorexic Leader says:

    SGT Corona your wrong my friend, the achievement can be unlocked using the Missile pod as well. I got “Too Close to the Sun” with a Missile Pod in “Champagne.” The levels that it is easiest to do the achievement on are “The Storm” and “The Covenant” seeing as how there are plenty of Missile pods on “The Storm”, and you spawn with a Spartan Laser (if your MC) on “The Covenant”. Down at the end of the level on the Storm there are 2 or 3 Missile pods on turrets, just shoot down a banshee that’s hovering the Scarab. Or you can use the Splaser on “The Covenant” and take down a banshee right after you are drop lifted your first warthog. This is the way most people without XBL should get this achievement. If you have XBL, simply go play BTB. Trust me some noob will eventually try to fly the banshee on Valhalla or Sandtrap, and trust it will allow you to score an easy take-down. The hardest part will be rushing to grab the Laser in the middle of the map on Valhalla….but if you can get it, the 5 pt achievement is sure fire.

  7. JVB says:

    The song in the end was awesome, lol.

  8. GeneralHooah says:

    Awesome show!

  9. Samus 117 says:

    Great show guys! I learned many things. And I got on the show! :)

  10. azn_dude1 says:

    You can’t do it on BTB. It has to be on a ranked playlist. Save one (or more) shot on the Covenant level and wait until the checkpoint where the guy says “I will beat the prophet’s shield like a drum.” Then, take out your splazer and shoot the banshees. If you run out of ammo, then revert to last save. When you get the achievement, revert to last save so you still have some ammo and the achievement.

  11. marooner says:

    Cant wait to listen. Why did i have to sleep last night ;)

  12. Lancelot59 says:

    JVB got a PS3!? Traitor!

  13. lilkuke says:

    oops… I said 2007 instead of 2008. sorry….

  14. kbcmmm7667 says:

    Nice Show!

    Too bad I already beat the level on Legendary but I guess the people who got Xbox and Halo for Christmas can use this.


  15. shotgunfriendly says:

    wow……just wow guys u really kicked up the laughter in the last song i really do think u could get that on a cd easily with all the junk on the radio these days also woot i think thats like what 5 shows in a row i have my post read

  16. Anorexic Leader says:

    Well I listened to the show, and it was simply magnificent. I was utterly and peculiarly perplexed by the overall outcome. (+2 kudos for extra big words) Now that I got that out of my system I would like to spread some spam to all the boys and girls out in sports land. I’m not too big into football, but I just have to say (me being a resident of Louisiana and all) that OSU got spanked! They are now 0-9 against SEC teams in bowl games, and LSU are the new National Champs! LSU….FTW! XD.

  17. Kur1zu says:

    Great show guys, the song was damn funny.. it was probably the funniest show in a while!
    And yes i agree with shotgunfriendly! Definitely would release the song and get it aired! :)
    Great job guys

  18. Psalm 116 says:

    I agree with JVB about the PS3 online interface compared to the 360. I never thought much about it before, but I realize after playing Halo online, the PS3 has a tough time measuring up with the 360 for the online multiplayer experience. I’m still disappointed that you have to pay for Xbox Live, when I already have to pay for internet services.

    JVB, I don’t think you are traitor! I’m still waiting on my loyalty checks from Sony and Microsoft.

    Do you what happens when you play a country song backwards? You get that melee bug that didn’t kill your enemy, the re-spawn in front of your opponent’s and “I swear I landed that head shot with the sniper rifle” back!

    Take care.

  19. Anorexic Leader says:

    Oooohhhh Harsh criticism for Halo and it’s small glitches….at least the word from Bungie is that they are working on the new auto-update that should resolve several of those common issues. I am kinda shocked that after all the testing at Bungie with employees and even the Public Beta and Private Internal Epsilon testing, that small issues like the sniper and beat downs were not resolved fully. Its kinda strange how in Halo 2 it was weapon glitches that allowed pro players to excel amongst noobs, but in Halo 3 glitches cause players to be worse….kinda sad really. At least I’m still supportive, and hope for the best in the future of Halo 3.

  20. Psalm 116 says:

    My comments was meant to be funny, due to the country song played from the last episode. Those glitches don’t bother me, I was just trying incorporate halo into that (not so funny) joke.

    Seriously, Bungie needs to find a way to update / patch Halo so I could win all the time!!!

  21. ostemb0r says:

    great show guys, thank you.

    Quick tip, in the area with 2 wraith’s there is a hiding place you can snipe from & not get hit by the big wraith or anything else. It is located underneath the building with the sniper rifle in it, right in the middle of the map. It can be accesed by walking off the end of the pier, or from the ground. Once in there nothing can get you & you can safely snipe away at the ghosts & covenant. Its a good spot to lure Ghosts towards then hijack.

    PS: Im surprised the chiwawa didn’t bite your butt

  22. minimoose says:

    Poor box union workers… so unappreciated.

  23. Lancelot59 says:

    Lol box union. I found that kind of funny. But the whole area there is a harbour with the lake drained. Look at the layout.

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