Episode 131: Customs and Creations

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It’s Sunday which means it’s time for another shiny new episode of the Podtacular podcast. This week our guest host is Killazilla, head of the Review Frenzy feature here at Podtacular. Review Frenzy’s talented team of writers review all the hot new games to give you the heads up on what’s good and what suxorz. Anyway, this week is a huge verbal fileshare of awesome customs and forge edits from the community. We also talk about important topics like if Mr. T were gay, being raised by a family of yetis, and cacti that grow steaks. BIG thanks to Rodsmack10K at XBL10Kclub.com for sending me the infamous freestyle halo 3 beatbox/chant from the Seattle launch event. Check it out in the outtakes! This week’s winner for coolest screenshot goes to Face Head. If you want your screenshot on the cover of Podtacular for thousands to see, be sure to submit yours! It also might make it to the front page of podtacular.com.

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23 Responses to Episode 131: Customs and Creations

  1. Spoofmaniac says:

    Hell yes. I’ve been reloading this page for the past hour and now it’s here! Listening now!

  2. face head says:

    HOLY CRAP! thats my screenshot.

  3. Unr3alChi3f says:

    Disclaimer: BOOM4 will not red ring your 360… I left this on for like 2 hours…. It will not red ring…


  4. SGT Corona says:

    lol I tried BOOM4 twice and its chaotic. So far it hasnt red ringed. If it does, unr3al, I will hunt you down! lol Anyways great show.

  5. Pengwin Smacker says:

    I think I was skipped over on the show. What’s up with that?

  6. Killazilla says:

    If I remember correctly we had already talked about your gametype/map. There were a few people we skipped over because they had the same submission as someone before them.

  7. Lancelot59 says:

    true, also im busy with school ATM but when I find some free time, this weeks pictures are gonna represent:
    1. crap flinging on Narrows
    2. That weird squirrel thing that brent sent in.

    the gametype I made up didnt come across the way I wanted it too…I hope you got the idea though.

  8. Hoogs says:

    Another great show guys, and Killazilla, great job guest hosting.

  9. echo539 says:

    FACE HEAD UR A DIRTY LIAR ITS NOT UR SCREEN SHOT LOL. Its my screen shot guys, he just posted it for some reason. I let him post it because i didnt know how to. So that my screen shot.

  10. TerminatorLlama says:

    Actually, I sent in the one-footed-purple-bellied squirrel.

  11. Unr3alChi3f says:

    It was…. I ran through the shownotes and they did skip you because they already talked about my submission for bubblebath / 28 days later… sorry pengwin…

  12. Pengwin Smacker says:

    Its okay, dude. I didn’t know you sent it in as well, so it’s okay.

  13. face head says:

    dude, you were at my house when we took it. It’s ours. im sorry, give him some credit. We did it together.

  14. echo539 says:


    The proof is in the profile. Whatever though, vote for my new one.

  15. face head says:

    nick, i took it. we did split screen. we had your HDD on.

  16. face head says:

    nick, i took it. we did split screen. we had your HDD on. then we took pictures.

  17. Killazilla says:

    wow what is this kindergarten?

    Its a freaking picture.

    Chill out geez.

  18. Lichtonatus says:

    We’re very proud of our pictures over here at Podtacular. Even when their ownership is uncertain. You can never take that away from us

    Oh dear. That was supposed to be funny. Well that kinda got away from me somewhere along the line

  19. echo539 says:

    Yes its a picture, but its on the front page, and credit did not go to the correct person, I’m merely trying to receive credit for my own work.

  20. a surly hobo says:

    I have this cool infection gametype…

  21. TerminatorLlama says:

    Another great show, good job guys

  22. Laffapoluza says:

    Hazah First time in a show

  23. Spoofmaniac says:

    Really loving this show, but one can only listen to it a few times. Can’t wait for the next one.

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