Episode 127: Bioshock Special

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So I’m back from a short vacation and it’s time to catch up on editing. This show we talk all about one of the greatest games to come down the pike in a long time: Bioshock. Joining JVB and I are Immortal Three from the Podtacular crew and Mintz from Halo Portable. Hope you like it!

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8 Responses to Episode 127: Bioshock Special

  1. Mag92 says:

    Yes finaly its here.

  2. Duffman X18 says:

    WHAT??!! NO VISCIOUS696!!!???? He’s the biggest Bioshock fan I know! Oh well….XD

  3. Spoofmaniac says:

    Awesome. I’m listening now.
    D: I can’t believe I misspelled creeped. I even have spell check on!

  4. Killazilla says:

    Wow I totally forgot I sent anything in XD

  5. Mintz says:

    FYI: No spoilerz here.

  6. marooner says:

    ZOMG willysf. Thats really really wierd.

  7. willysf says:

    hence the hacking :0

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