Episode 115: Hack attack!

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So in case you didn’t know, I was all worried the audio was gonna turn out really choppy on this show. It turned out to not be nearly as bad as I thought, and it’s a technical issue we’ve since fixed. This week we have George from aeropause.com, the baddest of the badass gaming blogs. We talk all about the latest tomfoolery with custom games, info about the customizable armor and the brute chopper, and a plethora of other stuff. Pod art this week comes courtesy of the ever helpful Logan Payne. Show’s about 56 minutes. Enjoy!

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20 Responses to Episode 115: Hack attack!

  1. jburton90 says:

    I cant believe I passed up the opportunity to guest host this show.

    I should have done it…

  2. JVB says:

    You missed it jburton…:-P

  3. ClownX says:

    Heck, at least you HAVE guested… Have you?

    I had to cheat my way into the Wii roundtable. I killed some of the guys who were gonna do it, and then I ninja’d into the House of Foo, and deleted the episode, just so I could be on it…

    Well, at least I can do it now, I have a headset.

  4. Killazilla says:

    I hate you Clown……:P

    AWESOME show guys. Outtakes almost made me wake up the whole house.

  5. drtw says:

    Aggh it so isn’t on my iTunes yet. I’m devo.

  6. toowicked4u says:

    That new armor looks [i]very[/i] much like the Spartan III armor that “appeared” in Ghosts of Onyx. Speculation: Could we expect to see Spartan III’s in in Halo 3?

  7. marooner says:

    yes. Well at least i think so becasue on the forum there was some pics of the new armour types and the brute chopper. I want to know if the elites are gonna be playable in multiplayer.

  8. Duffman X18 says:


    No. If you read Ghosts of Onyx all the way through(or remembered it) then the Spartan III’s have no possible means of getting to earth. All of there missions were suicide missions so it would be highly unlikely that the ones who didn’t get stuck in the Dyson sphere are still alive.

  9. BMC eclipse says:

    put it in itunes plz

  10. BigGoalieDan says:

    yeah, any idea when it’s going into iTunes? I’m still having trouble DLing for some reason. It started to DL this morning but I had to go to work so I had to cancel it.

    Oh and BTW Kia….Beat ya….:D

  11. foomojive says:

    We’re trying to figure out the iTunes thing. Our feed has been freakin’ out lately for some reason. We’re aware of it and are searching for a fix. In the mean time you can download it from the site and add it to iTunes.

  12. BigGoalieDan says:

    Cool, thanks Foo. I had trouble with the site version too. It kept DLing only 135 bytes for some reason…and I just looked at my above post and forgot to clarify I was having trouble DLing from the site…Sorry for the confusion. I guess I was just trying to DL it at peak times. It’s on iTunes now and seems to be DLing fine.
    I usually DL from the site and add it manually to iTunes but since I’m DLing all the old episodes it’s hard to find it in the library sometimes. ;)

  13. BMC eclipse says:

    thanx foo

  14. Demonkiller77 says:

    if u can customize the spartan armor then what about the elite if there still a playable character thanks for everything u guys do

  15. Demonkiller77 says:

    forgot thanks for all the Stuff

  16. Duffman X18 says:

    I’m never going to say OMG the same way again thanks to you guys. OMGA!

  17. toowicked4u says:


    Yes, the remaining spartan III’s were trapped in a Dyson sphere, but who’s to say that they don’t find some way out in the course of the Halo 3 storyline?
    Earth could very well be another “shield world”, or even contain another gateway to the world in which the Spartan III’s are “trapped”.
    Again, this is all speculation (we could debate this to death). I just can’t wait until September to see what [i]really[/i] happens!

  18. trade games says:

    ditto that!

    – [url=http://www.switchplanet.com/SwitchIndex/View/VideoGames/]trade games[/url] –

  19. Duffman X18 says:

    Dude, it’s already out.

    I’m assuming this is spam.

  20. domthebomb says:

    Haven’t had a chance to download the show, but i’ve read some of the show notes and this comment is probably going to upset a few people.

    You’re all having a big cry about the people who hacked into the game. I’m sure Bungie didn’t want that to happen. That’s ridiculously obvious. But it’s totally a positive thing. Bungie are learning that some fans are … uber-hardcore. Any bugs or glitches that were discovered will be fixed, and that’s thanks to these crazy, lifeless (possibly soul-less) hardcore people (fans) who have absolutely nothing better to do.
    I think that every hack and glitch is a positive thing, ESPECIALLY in the Beta. If it isn’t found out pre-release, then they need to keep working on the game after it’s out in the public and create an update. And quite frankly, i think the Bungie team have earned well-deserved rest.

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