Episode 110: new Halo 2 maps in action

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This show we talk all about our experiences with the new maps: What we liked and didn’t, what customs were good on them, strategies, architecture, graphics and sound, weapon placements, glitching, all that stuff. Guests this week are Dweezle from Tied the Leader, a Halo community and blog, and ChuckieJ, head of the Godtacular Bible study. We also have a new segment: weekly Xbox Live Arcade reviews from Rist Peblo. This one’s a little long; we’ll pay better attention to keeping the length down in the future. Enjoy it!

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6 Responses to Episode 110: new Halo 2 maps in action

  1. chuckiej says:

    Thank you Foo mo and JVB! That was a lot of fun. It was good talking to Dweezle too; Tied the Leader is a great site. The episode may be long, but we still missed out on a few of the emails. I definitely see now how hard it can be to “get it all in” during one episode. Remember your $4 lunch just goes out the other end, but the new maps you can play forever.

  2. Logan Payne says:

    Awesome Episode

  3. beasting says:

    Good episode a lot of good content and perspectives of the new maps. It helped me see the light that Desolation is not completely bad.

  4. toowicked4u says:

    ZOMG! Zombies on Tombstone is wicked fun! Inspired by that map, a bunch of us came up with a zombie variant called Gunslingers that’s fun too; I’ll def be submitting that for the next C&C episode!
    BTW, Rist…love that you’re doing arcade reviews, I think this will be a great addition to the podcast. The only suggestion I have is that you actually play the full version of the game before reviewing it (reviews on demos are inherently flawed).

  5. Xnauth says:

    Great epidsode guys, keep em comin.

  6. chuckiej says:

    If only M$ would give our man Rist Peblo [b]free[/b] codes to get the full versions with! :-)

    You did a great job with that Rist, I had not listened yet when I posted above. It certainly would be cooler if you had the full version. I don’t think I got the full taste of BBR from the demo, but my thumb was so tired afterward I wasn’t as motivated to buy. Maybe when I have friends over or something.

    Keep em comin!

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