Episode 108: Round Table Show

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This show is way different from our usual laugh fest. We kind of split it up between reading stuff people sent in and lots of discussion. Guests this week are Robert Summa, editor at destructoid.com, and Anjo Banjo a.k.a Liquilife’s wife (Liquilife is a host at the Uncle Gamer podcast), who has a site up at anjoart.com. We talk about the Halo 2 maps (briefly for now, but more on that to come), the Xbox 360 Elite, and the new Xbox support enhancements. Stay tuned for a meaty discussion about Halo 3 beta and the vidoc next show very soon!

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9 Responses to Episode 108: Round Table Show

  1. blankCANVAS says:

    Sounds great!

  2. German Man says:

    hooray i think im in this one!

  3. Logan Payne says:

    Show notes …broken…

  4. German Man says:

    yeah i noticed that too

  5. foomojive says:

    shownotes should be fixed now.

  6. toowicked4u says:

    What happened at the end there? (seems like a few min of dead air) Did I miss something?
    BTW, possible names for Foo Mo’s cat:
    Foo Mo Cat
    Fe Line Jive
    Foo Meow Jive (my personal fav)

  7. JVB says:

    HAHAHAHA-Foo Meow Jive!!!

  8. Rocktard says:

    I can’t download it >.<" My itunes is broken, too. I guess I'm screwed... :( But I do like Foo Meow Jive ;)

  9. drtw says:

    What did he say at the end about the Halo Alpha? Was it important or not?

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