Episode 107: Customs and Callins

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It’s time for customs and callins where we cover the top few custom games sent in, the top few Halo jokes, voice mails for the month naarated by CapnKrunk, and tales from the foxhole. This week we have stickygerbils joining us (for a little while), the artist behind the Halo Heads comic, and Logan Payne from the Podtacular community. Show’s about 1:14.

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15 Responses to Episode 107: Customs and Callins

  1. blankCANVAS says:

    I love the Custom and Callins show…sounds like a good one!

  2. Logan Payne says:

    I think I did a decent job…
    My favorites here have to be “OOOHHH a marble!!!!”

  3. JVB says:

    Great work with the call in’s Krunk…”[i]GO HANDLE YOUR MOMS!!”[/i]


  4. CapnKrunk says:

    Great show! Logan Payne gets a butt-rub and Rocktard goes *BONK!* in the commode! LOL

  5. toowicked4u says:

    Diarrheal: of or pertaining to diarrhea

  6. foomojive says:

    it’s the butt show, where we talk all about butts and the problems they can cause.

  7. Killazilla says:

    lol at Headshock and Lilkuke!

    Oh and babam, heres some ice.

  8. Logan Payne says:

    Hey I thought I was bad when I once sent in 2 call-ins

  9. BeaverDeath says:

    Love it! I have been waiting for A WEEK!

  10. Babamthegrunt says:

    that hurt alot

  11. Logan Payne says:

    Babam, I can tell you from personal experience painkilla won’t help on that hurt…heh

  12. T says:

    Good Job Logan!!
    LOL, Babam, i was laughing for 5 minutes when i first heard your call-in.

  13. Sqweryl says:

    The weather man issues a food warning. Lol. HOW COULD YOU RUIN MY 15 SECONDS OF FAME!? Lol j/k. Great typos you guys make :)

  14. LoneWarrior says:

    stop talking stuff about me!!! I’m gonna have to stuff you!!! besides foo mo if you really need help in gears of war i can definitly help im on that game like every day.

  15. Zack Owens23 says:

    YUP that were me who sent in the Nasty poop Gamer tags

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