Episode 104: Xbox Live Arcade Show

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It’s the Xbox Live Arcade show, where we talk all about your favorite XBLA games, your most anticipated XBLA future games, and what you think about the system and casual games in general. This time we’re joined by Avid X from 360style.net and thexboxcollector.com. Also joining us are Rist Peblo and Painkilla05 from the podtacular community, both big XBLA players. Pod art this week comes from stickygerbils of Halo Heads fame. LOL! Show clocks in at just under an hour. Jam on it!

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19 Responses to Episode 104: Xbox Live Arcade Show

  1. blankCANVAS says:

    Wow, interesting pod art! xD

    Great episode, guys.

  2. QualityJeverage says:

    Great. Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight because of that Pod Art!

  3. LT REDTEAM says:

    i like the hair

  4. Finster says:

    I never knew JVB could look so glamorous. O_O

  5. Stooch says:

    The home page almost gave me a heart attack! Thanks srickygerbils ;)

  6. toowicked4u says:

    wow, that pod art is [i]way[/i] too funny. Makes me wonder what would happen if Anuhhld had some of that sauce.

  7. Avid X says:

    Lots of fun guys. But the truth is the funniest crap was what was edited out.

    Then again it was fairly obscene. Hehe..

    If you guys ever need someone to guest host again, let me know im always on and willing to talk about whatever.

  8. Painkilla05 says:

    Revenge of the nerds, LOL

  9. chunkydude95 says:

    This podart is delicous. verry yummy

  10. Commander Raiku says:

    wow im scared after seeing that

  11. JVB says:

    That is the ugliest chik I have ever seen in my life.

  12. JordanJr says:

    That looks like a girl in my math class.

  13. LoneWarrior says:

    4 words people ……………………………………..Americas Next Top Model!
    and all because of homo-cide hotness
    great show guys and we all love the colonel just a little bit because he brings us our pooeynutlogs

  14. marooner says:

    wow thats strange, funny but strange.

    Things must have really gone downhill after JVB started ripping cheese instead of slicing it…

  15. Duffman X18 says:

    That’s got to be the [b][i]SCARIEST[/b][/i] picture of JVB i’ve ever seen.

  16. toowicked4u says:

    Where’d you get a picture of my [i][b]mom[/b][/i]?!?!

  17. Killazilla says:

    lol all these comments and not one about the show itself!

    great show guys XBLA FTW!

  18. Duffman X18 says:

    Fine. The show was funny, particulary at the end for the bloppers.

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