Halo 4 Spartan Ops: Scattered


Returning from the hiatus, Spartan Ops picks up from it’s mid-season break after Dr. Halsey’s confinement and the Librarian’s activation. Halsey is being interrogated by Lasky for her correspondence with an alien intelligence while Spartan Thorne is being dragged towards Jul and the Librarian. From Jul’s awe at Dr. Glassman’s success in activating the Librarian, he escapes before Jul is denied access. Meanwhile, Fireteam Crimson is still missing and and must be found. Will Glassman escape the clutches of Jul? Will Throne break free from his captors? Will Crimson be found and be able to escape Covenant captivity? Find out in the return of season one. HaloFanForLife returns as our designated co-host as we return from our own break. Enjoy

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