What’s New at Podtacular: Events

This is the first in a series of posts talking about how Podtacular is stepping up to the plate for Halo 3. In the heyday of Halo 2 we had plenty of regular events for people to join in with. It’s time to bring that back with a vengeance! Here’s some of the events being worked on right now:

  • Godtacular Bible Study – hosted by Chuckie J. Chuckie leads studies in Halo 3 lobbies now. They’re really good for Christians trying to grown in their faith or for people that want to check out what Christianity is all about.
  • Custom Saturdays – hosted by Sqweryl. These will be regular events to show off some cool customs people have come up with, have a great time playing, and meet some new friends. Coming soon!
  • Podtacular Marines – hosted by Hazard. Play with friends at Podtacular competitively in matchmaking or meet new ones while kicking butt!
  • MLG Crew – hosted by Kiaffex. Once MLG rules are solidified for Halo 3, this group will be playing MLG rules games for ultimate competitive play without the random matchmaking encounters. Coming soon!
  • 4-Player Co-Op Tournament – hosted by Dialpex. An open tournament to the Halo Nation played on Mythic difficulty. Can you compete with the best?

That’s just the start, there’s more on the way that aren’t solidified yet. Got an idea for a one-time or regular event you want to run at Podtacular? You can do it, it’s not that hard. Here’s some tips on how to get one rolling. So whether you want to start an event or join in on one, be sure to check these out when the forums reopen shortly. I’ll update this post with links to these and other events when available.

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8 Responses to What’s New at Podtacular: Events

  1. The Hawk442 says:

    Looks cool. I will definately be frequenting those custom saturdays whenever I can.
    I have some very fond memories of doing that in the past.

  2. Kiaffex says:

    Quick foo mo what is the capital of Albania?


    Can’t waiittt… What about Forge nights?

  3. chuckiej says:

    Yep, Godtacular starts back up tonight. See you there.

    Customs are gonna rock. I’ve mostly finished my first changed level modifying Guardian for a different kind of CTF feel. (Quick Escape + a Laser and some hammers)

    Quick Kia, what’s the capital of Djibouti?

  4. immortalthree says:

    Sweet! I cant wait! I have a few ideas for some events myself. Rocket Race anyone?

  5. Painkilla05 says:

    Sounds awesome! Cant wait to get my 360 this weekend.

  6. drive_c says:

    Cool, Sqweryl. BTW, we need a Team Bubble-Bath Made by JVB. (Maybe even a Map Variant too.) JVB is the only one I’ll take it from. :)

  7. SGT Corona says:

    awesome! I am also getting Sign ups for the Return! of Podchinima.

  8. Renegad3 N says:

    I’m ready to get back into Halo!

    Sadly. My Xbox is out on repair. Hopefully you guys save me a spot when I return. ;)

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