We Have Something They Don’t: Luck

For some reason, over the past few months, we have received quite a number of spikes in traffic here at Podtacular.  We seem to be hitting marks that we didn’t think we were trying to hit.  First it was Frankie replying to our E3 show, then it was Dust Storm being on The Running Riot, then there was the Podcast of All Halo Podcasts, etc.  Well, prepare to get even more attention, my dear community.  Your host, Dust Storm, has been given the opportunity of a lifetime: a spot on the Waypoint Community panel at Halo Fest.  You heard right, because I had to check twice if I heard right as well (yes, I was speaking in 3rd person before).  I have been presented with a media badge for Halo Fest and will probably get to meet some cool people and get come awesome interviews, but more importantly, I will be sitting in front of thousands of Halo fanatics and more if IGN streams the panel.  So if you are there, please let me know, cause there will be a podcast recorded there.  Also, any burning questions you’ve wanted to ask Frankie, send them in.

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4 Responses to We Have Something They Don’t: Luck

  1. Proxator says:

    Clever title is clever.

    I would ask frankie if the halo universe may expand to more forms of media.

  2. Carts says:

    Ask about the TU

  3. moose0030 says:

    Question-“Do you think we could see a Halo Wars sequel down the road?”

  4. Fungus Oz says:

    Well done Dust Storm, looks like the hard work paid off after all :) I can’t think of any burning questions right now, but if this panel streams I’ll be sure to tune in and watch it.

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